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College Football Playoff Committee Got Right Teams, Wrong Matchups

While the state of Texas may disagree, the College Football Playoff committee did a superb job in selecting Alabama, Oregon, Florida State and Ohio State as the four playoff participants.

However, the 12-member panel made a mistake when it came to creating the semifinal matchups.

No one is going to complain about Nick Saban and Urban Meyer facing each other in the Sugar Bowl. No one should make a fuss over having to watch 2013 Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston take on 2014 Heisman front-runner Marcus Mariota in the Rose Bowl.

Both of the College Football Playoff semifinals games have a plethora of storylines lines that will please ESPN and the rest of the sports world. Moreover, both games feature amazing teams and will undoubtedly bring in record-setting viewership.

I’m sure you’re now wondering, how did the committee get it wrong then?

Well, the committee had the opportunity to create the CFP dream scenario: Alabama vs. Florida State in the Sugar Bowl and Oregon vs. Ohio State in the Rose Bowl.

It was staring it right in the face, and it dropped the ball.

In order to get to Alabama-Florida State and Oregon-Ohio State, the CFB committee would likely have had to jump the Ducks to No. 1 over Alabama. The reason for this is that there was no logical reason for Ohio State—previously ranked No. 5—to jump No. 4 Florida State.

Yes, the Buckeyes played better against Wisconsin than the Seminoles did against Georgia Tech on championship weekend.

However, it’s tough to look past Ohio State’s home loss to Virginia Tech and, perhaps more importantly, the committee had to take into account the Buckeyes' quarterback situation. Third-string quarterback Cardale Jones had a great game against the Badgers, but do we really know enough to have the Buckeyes jump over FSU? Probably not.

Therefore, Oregon would have simply had to jump Alabama in order for the CFP to get its dream matchups.

Is there a case to be made for Oregon over Alabama? Absolutely. The Ducks have won eight straight games and done it by an average margin of over 26 points per game. Moreover, Oregon has been the most complete team in the country over the past two months.’s Kyle Bonagura explains:

In the five games since the win against Cal, the Ducks have turned into the most complete team -- statistically -- in the country. 

During that span, only eight FBS teams -- none of them named Alabama, Ohio State or Florida State -- allowed fewer points than the Ducks (17 points per game). They led the nation in points margin (30.6) and yards margin (plus-227) per game and their defense ranked No. 26 overall (336 ypg). 

Only Utah cracked 20 points and the Ducks held all five opponents to less than their scoring average. Games that might have remained close earlier in the season turned into routs in a hurry.

However, due to section 9B of the selection committee protocol, it really didn’t matter who was No. 1 and No. 2 this year. The Ducks were a lock to be the home team in the Rose Bowl and the Crimson Tide were shoe-ins for the Sugar Bowl based on the geographical proximity to each school and its fans.

What would have been the difference between swapping Oregon and Alabama? It would have meant very little, other than giving the Ducks more jersey options in the national title game should they win the Rose Bowl.

Let’s be honest, giving Oregon more jersey options is always the right thing to do.

Awarding Oregon the No. 1 overall seed would have set up a Rose Bowl between Oregon and Ohio State. Not only would that game have garnered the same attention as Florida State-Oregon, but it also would have kept the traditional Big Ten vs. Pac-12 matchup.

I’m not big on tradition and believe it to be overrated.

However, the Rose Bowl is meant to be played between the Big Ten and Pac-12 champions. Now imagine a traditional Rose Bowl with a spot in the CFP National Championship Game on the line.

If the customary Rose Bowl were the original recipe, then the 2014 Rose Bowl would have been extra spicy.

The Rose Bowl would have benefited from a Big Ten vs. Pac-12 battle. The true winner in this scenario, though, would have been the Sugar Bowl.

If Alabama and Florida State had matched up as the No. 2 and No. 3 seeds, it would have likely been the highest-rated Jan. 1 bowl game ever and pitted the past two national champions up against one another for the right to play for another title. What could’ve been better than that?

Section 10B of the CFP selection committee protocol deals with the selection process of the four non-semifinal “premier” bowl games:

B. The committee shall create the best matchups in these bowl games in light of the following considerations. None of these considerations shall affect the ranking of teams. Also, none of these considerations will be controlling in determining the assignment of teams to available bowl games.

  • The committee will use geography as a consideration in the pairing of teams and assigning them to available bowl games.
  • The committee will attempt to avoid regular-season rematches when assigning teams to bowls.
  • To benefit fans and student-athletes, the committee will attempt to avoid assigning a team, or conference, or the highest-ranked champion of a non-contract conference, to the same bowl game repeatedly.
  • The committee will consider regular-season head-to-head results when assigning teams to bowls.
  • The committee will consider conference championships when assigning teams to bowls.

“The committee shall create the best matchups.” That part of the first sentence is flashing in neon lights.

The CFP committee has a responsibility to rank the No. 1 and No. 2 teams in a particular order due to the geographic advantage those rankings hold. However, I believe that the committee has a responsibility to also create the best matchups possible.

This year, the best semifinal matchups would have been Oregon vs. Ohio State and Alabama vs. Florida State.

Look, perhaps I’m nitpicking here because the four best teams—in my opinion—got into the playoff. Moreover, all four teams are brand names and will generate big-time television ratings for ESPN.

With that said, the CFP committee had the opportunity to uphold the Rose Bowl's tradition and keep a Big Ten versus Pac-12 game in place. It didn’t. It had an opportunity to give Florida State, the undefeated defending national champion, a chance to play much closer to its home fans and match up the past two national champions. It didn’t.

Outside of the state of Texas, most people are congratulating the CFP committee on what it did. I’m dumbfounded by what it failed to do.


Statistics courtesy of unless otherwise stated. All quotes obtained firsthand unless otherwise stated.

Jason Gold is Bleacher Report’s lead Oregon writer. Follow Jason on Twitter @TheSportsGuy33.

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Georgia Football: 5 Bold Predictions for the Bulldogs' Bowl Game

It’s not the bowl game the Georgia Bulldogs envisioned when the 2014 season started, but they will face the Louisville Cardinals in the Belk Bowl on December 30 at 6:30 p.m. ET.

This has a chance to be one of the better bowl games of the season. This will be the first time the Bulldogs face off against former defensive coordinator Todd Grantham and this will also be the first time these two schools have ever met on the football field.

The Bulldogs are an early favorite according to, so if they are motivated and not make the same mistakes they did against Georgia Tech, the Bulldogs can finish the season with 10 wins, which would be the third time in four seasons they have accomplished that feat.

Here are five bold predictions for the Bulldogs in the Belk Bowl.

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Adam Kramer's Guide to the College Football Bowl Season

We have been conditioned to care about the College Football Playoff and only the College Football Playoff. But let your gaze wander beyond the two spectacular, storyline-jammed semifinal matchups, and you will see one of the richest bowl seasons in recent memory.

Thank you, selection committee. You probably haven’t heard that much in recent days, have you?

That sentiment has not been voiced all that often—except in Columbus, Ohio—although it’s warranted here. The group of humans tasked with picking the top four teams in college football also helped shape many of the familiar marquee games. Although they will never be given the appropriate credit, these bowl architects delivered where they were allowed.

Beyond an absolutely loaded New Year’s Day slate, there are enthralling matchups from start to finish. The discussions and primary interests will center on the semifinal games, which is understandable given the brands, coaches and talent involved. However, don’t let this detract from the sheer excellence along the way.

There are glorious exhibition games all over the place that warrant your careful planning and utmost attention. Before ranking all 38 games in terms of watchability, here’s what you should be on the lookout for this bowl season beyond a human-sized potato mascot capable of seeing into your soul.


Best Game: The Rose Bowl

We begin, of course, with the obvious. Oregon and Florida State will meet up on Jan. 1 in a game that requires no formal introduction.

By the time these two teams meet, you will likely have two Heisman-winning quarterbacks going head-to-head. One opponent could take the field wearing actual yellow spacesuits, and you wouldn’t question the motive (or the execution). The other, college football’s tabbed villain, is going for its thirtieth consecutive win.

Jimbo Fisher, head coach of the Seminoles, put it perfectly.

Jimbo Fisher says pitting Oregon & FSU with the marquee programs and quarterbacks is great for college football and what the playoff is for

— (@TomahawkNation) December 7, 2014

I don’t need to remind you that the Rose Bowl is required viewing, because any football person in the world knows this without further reminding. Add in the possibility of playing for a national championship, and you’ve reached peak pigskin enjoyment.


Best Non-Playoff Bowl Game: Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl

Before you embrace your love for cheap champagne and its diabolical day-after effects, you have fabulous football to watch on New Year’s Eve day. The matinee—the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl—is without doubt the finest non-semifinal matchup of them all, which is telling given some of the games to pick from.

TCU and Ole Miss will meet up in Atlanta right about the time you dig in for lunch. The Horned Frogs obviously had an even bigger bowl game in mind prior to Sunday, although this will serve as a mighty consolation. On the other sideline, the Rebels will look to gain momentum for another playoff push in 2015.

When a non-college football fan proclaims that the bowl season is nothing more than a flurry of exhibitions for the big finish, hold up this game with a smile and without a care in the world.

This has a chance to be special.


Sneaky Good Game That Won’t Be Watched Enough: Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl

Shortly after the gates are opened for this year’s bowl season, Colorado State and Utah will meet in a matchup not nearly enough people will carve up time to enjoy.

Don’t make that same mistake. Be by your television at 3:30 p.m. ET on Saturday, Dec. 20 to witness two quality football programs play in Sin City.

Even though Colorado State will be operating without its former coach, Jim McElwain’s positive offensive influence will be evident. The Rams, however, will have the difficult task of moving the football and scoring points on an underappreciated Utah defense. The seasons did not end favorably for either sideline, although both are talented and capable.

Just because it’s early on doesn’t mean it’s not a game worthy of your attention.


Game I Would Most Like to Cover: Popeyes Bahamas Bowl

When you pair up tropical paradise with the best fried chicken on the planet, you’ve essentially won the “Man, I Hope My Boss Sends Me Here” Lifetime Achievement Award.

On Christmas Eve, Central Michigan and Western Kentucky will meet in Nassau to celebrate what six wins in a single season can get you. Lucky beat writers for these teams and other media members will also head to the Bahamas to cover the first-ever Popeyes Bahamas Bowl.

This will be all business, I’m certain.

Please don’t let the combined 14-10 record fool you. This matchup has a chance to shift the national landscape of the sport, and the winner will immediately vault into early 2015 playoff consideration. You could argue that the storylines between CMU and WKU are actually more attention-grabbing than Ohio State and Alabama. There is not the least bit of sarcasm in this statement.

What say you, boss?


Best Team Reaction to a Bowl Game Appearance

Speaking of the Bahamas Bowl, Central Michigan wins the award for most dramatic bowl reveal of the year. And maybe that’s not good enough.

I’m not sure the room would have erupted the same way had Boise, Idaho been the final destination chosen. If you’re reading this from Boise, you likely just closed out this page and stormed off in obscenities.

Well done by all.


Best Bowl Name: Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl

Here is the definition of Bitcoin, according to

Bitcoin is a new currency that was created in 2009 by an unknown person using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto. Transactions are made with no middle men – meaning, no banks! There are no transaction fees and no need to give your real name. More merchants are beginning to accept them: You can buy webhosting services, pizza or even manicures.

This currency now has its own bowl game, and it will be played between North Carolina State and Central Florida on the day after Christmas.

That’s not exactly this year’s most promising and tantalizing marriage between teams, although the name alone makes you want to load up on the necessary bowl merchandise.


Game Most Likely to Break the Scoreboard: AutoZone Liberty Bowl

Memphis, this one may take a while.

West Virginia and Texas A&M will face off in a game that could very well last five hours. Both teams will be looking to build momentum heading into 2015, and they’ll each attempt to do that through the air and with endless offense.

Although there are bright spots to be found on both defenses, the scoreboard operator should probably hydrate accordingly days in advance, just in case. Head coaches Kevin Sumlin and Dana Holgorsen will each look to flex their offensive muscles, and there’s no reason to believe either will be denied.


Best “Ignore Your Family Around the Holiday” Bowl: Hawai'i Bowl

Ah, Christmas Eve. It’s a time to celebrate with loved ones, pour a glass of something cold and delicious, gather around the fire and watch the high winds blow trash all over the field as two teams go toe-to-toe under the Hawaiian sun.

This year’s Hawai'i Bowl will take place the night before Christmas and it will feature Fresno State and Rice, two teams you likely haven’t watched in large doses this season. Please don’t let such inexperience discourage you from digging in.

As much as you love your family, the yearly tradition of giving your utmost attention to two slightly-above-average football teams over people you don’t see often is one we cherish most.

It is the football constant in our holiday hearts.


Most Terrifying Bowl Mascot

Science has given us many amazing, life-alerting advancements. It also gave us the monstrosity seen above.

That smiling nightmare spud is the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl mascot. He will be featured prominently on Dec. 20 as Western Michigan and Air Force faceoff. He will also see you in your dreams.

Also, on a less terrifying note, why is he wearing gloves? This is all too much.


Best Bowl Swag: Military Bowl presented By Northrop Grumman

The annual tradition of analyzing bowl swag with extreme focus is alive and well in 2014.

For those unfamiliar, each bowl provides the players of both teams participating with a gift package of sorts. These gifts, which were explored by David Broughton of SportsBusiness Daily, can vary greatly in appeal. From hairdryers to massive gift cards—with a Fossil watch sprinkled throughout—players are each given something by companies with swag to spare.

In terms of ranking this swag, my No. 1 ranking for the 2014 slate would go to the Military Bowl. Cincinnati and Virginia Tech players will each receive a Microsoft Xbox One console and Under Armour backpack, Might Boom Ball speakers and a beanie.

It certainly beats a hairdryer.


Ranking All Bowl Games in Order of Watchability

There are 38 bowl games for you to sink your teeth into this season, and there’s a high probability you won’t see them all. With your busy holiday schedules in mind, here is each and every bowl game ranked in terms of watchability.

Please note: "Watchability" isn’t based exclusively on having two quality teams. Certain bowl games might be rated higher than others based off of matchups, individual players (see: Pittsburgh’s James Conner in the Armed Forces Bowl), or the overall possibility of things becoming weird.

With that disclaimer in mind, here are the rankings. If your team or preferred matchup is slighted, it was almost certainly due to a personal vendetta against your program or bowl.

1. Rose Bowl: (2) Oregon vs. (3) Florida State (Jan. 1)

2. Allstate Sugar Bowl: (1) Alabama vs. (4) Ohio State (Jan. 1)

3.Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl: Ole Miss vs. TCU (Dec. 31)

4.Goodyear Cotton Bowl: Michigan State vs. Baylor (Jan. 1)

5. Outback Bowl: Auburn vs. Wisconsin (Jan. 1)

6. Capital One Orange Bowl: Mississippi State vs. Georgia Tech (Dec. 31)

7. AutoZone Liberty Bowl: Texas A&M vs. West Virginia (Dec. 29)

8. Vizio Fiesta Bowl: Boise State vs. Arizona (Dec. 31)

9. Hyundai Sun Bowl: Arizona State vs. Duke (Dec. 27)

10. Valero Alamo Bowl: Kansas State vs. UCLA (Jan. 2)

11. Boca Raton Bowl: Marshall vs. Northern Illinois (Dec. 23)

12. National University Holiday: Bowl Nebraska vs. USC (Dec. 27)

13. Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl: Utah vs. Colorado State (Dec. 20)

14. Belk Bowl: Georgia vs. Louisville (Dec. 30)

15. AdvoCare Texas Bowl: Arkansas vs. Texas (Dec. 29)

16. Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl: Minnesota vs. Missouri (Jan. 1)

17. Russell Athletic Bowl: Clemson vs. Oklahoma (Dec. 29)

18. Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl: Notre Dame vs. LSU (Dec. 30)

19. Duck Commander Independence Bowl: Miami vs. South Carolina (Dec. 27)

20. TicketCity Cactus Bowl: Washington vs. Oklahoma State (Jan. 2)

21. Miami Beach Bowl: BYU vs. Memphis (Dec. 22)

22. TaxSlayer Bowl: Iowa vs. Tennessee (Jan. 2)

23. Foster Farms Bowl: Maryland vs. Stanford (Dec. 30)

24. Popeyes Bahamas Bowl: Central Michigan vs. Western Kentucky (Dec. 24)

25. Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl: Houston vs. Pittsburgh (Jan. 2)

26. Famous Idaho Potato Bowl: Western Michigan vs. Air Force (Dec. 20)

27. Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl: NC State vs. UCF (Dec. 26)

28. San Diego County CU Poinsettia Bowl: Navy vs. San Diego State (Dec. 23)

29. Sheraton Hawaii Bowl: Fresno State vs. Rice (Dec. 24)

30. R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl: Nevada vs. UL Lafayette (Dec. 20)

31. Quick Lane Bowl: Rutgers vs. North Carolina (Dec. 26)

32. Military Bowl: Cincinnati vs. Virginia Tech (Dec. 27)

33. Birmingham Bowl: East Carolina vs. Florida (Jan. 3)

34. Gildan New Mexico Bowl: Utah State vs. UTEP (Dec. 20)

35. New Era Pinstripe Bowl: Boston College vs. Penn State (Dec. 27)

36. GoDaddy Bowl: Toledo vs. Arkansas State (Jan. 4)

37. Zaxby's Heart of Dallas Bowl: Illinois vs. Louisiana Tech (Dec. 26)

38. Raycom Media Camellia Bowl: South Alabama vs. Bowling Green (Dec. 20)

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Adonis Thomas to Alabama: Crimson Tide Land 4-Star LB Prospect

Nick Saban continued his work on yet another star-studded recruiting class, securing the commitment of 4-star linebacker Adonis Thomas.       

The Central Gwinnett (Lawrenceville, Georgia) star confirmed the news on his Twitter account Monday:

247Sports' composite rankings slot him as the No. 175 overall prospect and No. 11 outside linebacker in the Class of 2015. 

Thomas originally committed to Florida but later re-opened his recruitment due to uncertainty with the coaching staff in Gainesville. That opened the door for Alabama and Saban, who now has 22 commits and the country's top-rated class, per 247Sports' composite system. 

At 6'3.5" and 229 pounds, the 17-year-old has a tantalizing blend of speed and size. While he's still a bit raw, his athleticism and physical traits give him an extremely high ceiling, whether that be as an outside linebacker or defensive end. 

Thomas is the third outside linebacker commit of Alabama's 2015 class, joining 4-star Joshua McMillon and 3-star Keaton Anderson. On a team that already has a load of talent (and not many seniors) at the position, he'll have his work cut out for him if he intends on making an immediate impact for the Crimson Tide.     

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Heisman Trophy 2014: Complete List of Finalists Announced

With the conference titles determined, the four playoff teams announced and a layover before the bowl games begin, the next major event in college football is the announcement of this year's Heisman Trophy winner.      

SportsCenter shared the list of finalists Monday on Twitter:

Let's take a closer look at the finalists.


Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon

Marcus Mariota had another stellar performance in the Pac-12 title game. He finished 25-of-38 with 313 passing yards, two touchdowns, 33 rushing yards and three more scores on the ground in a 51-13 rout against an Arizona team that beat the Ducks earlier in the year. After the win, a reporter asked him how it felt to win the Heisman.

"I haven't won the Heisman," Mariota said, according to Bryan Fischer of "I haven't even been invited."

For Mariota, it was a typically humble remark. But he's been invited now, and he's the favorite as well. Frankly, it would be a huge shock if Mariota didn't win the award. His stats speak for themselves.

A 38-to-2 touchdown-to-interception ratio is rather superb, and his total of 53 touchdowns scored (one reception TD) easily tops that of any of the other Heisman finalists. Mariota led Oregon to a 12-1 record, and now he and the Ducks are preparing for a playoff showdown against Florida State and last year's Heisman winner, Jameis Winston.

Mariota could add a lot of hardware to his shelf this winter. He was already named as the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award winner on Monday, per Chantel Jennings of If he doesn't win the Heisman, more than a few folks will be surprised.


Amari Cooper, WR, Alabama

While Alabama has had its fair share of talented wide receivers throughout the years—Julio Jones comes to mind—the team has come to resemble a ground-and-pound offense and stout defense for much of Nick Saban's tenure.

This year has been a bit different, however, in part due to talented receiver Amari Cooper.

The junior has been college football's best receiver this year, an assertion few would argue against. Matt Miller of Bleacher Report certainly thinks so:

Cooper caught an SEC-record 115 passes for 1,656 yards and 14 touchdowns this season, incredibly impressive marks. More importantly, though, he's come up huge when the Crimson Tide needed him most. In wins over LSU, Mississippi State, Auburn and Missouri down the stretch, he notched 41 receptions for 478 yards and five touchdowns.    

His performance in the Iron Bowl, in particular, probably earned him a trip to New York, as he caught 13 passes for 224 yards and three scores. If Heisman winners need a signature performance, that was his.


Melvin Gordon, RB, Wisconsin

Speaking of signature performances, one of the standout achievements of this college football season was when Melvin Gordon rushed 25 times for 408 yards—yes, you read that correctly—and four touchdowns against Nebraska.

It broke the all-time NCAA single-game rushing record set by future Hall of Famer LaDainian Tomlinson 15 years ago (406 yards).

For the season, Gordon rushed 309 times for 2,336 yards and 26 touchdowns, adding 17 receptions for 151 yards and three more scores. He was the nation's top running back and helped lead Wisconsin to a 10-3 record and an Outback Bowl matchup against Auburn.

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FCS Playoff Bracket 2014: Preview and Predictions for Quarterfinals

The bracket-style FCS playoffs offer an interesting changeup to the postseason format at the highest level of college football. While the FBS is experimenting with a new four-team layout, the FCS continues to excite with a March Madness-esque way of determining its national champion.

Eight teams remain alive for the grand prize, as the quarterfinals are slated for this next Friday and Saturday. Fans eagerly anticipating NCAA bowl season should have plenty of quality games to hold them over between the four contests on tap.

FCS Football has the updated postseason bracket, headlined by top seeds in No. 1 New Hampshire and three-time reigning national title winner North Dakota State:

Viewing information can be found below followed by a breakdown and prediction for every FCS playoff matchup.

Note: Statistics and information courtesy of unless otherwise indicated.


No. 1 New Hampshire vs. No. 8 Chattanooga

The tournament's top seed will be challenged by a Southern champion in Chattanooga that went undefeated in conference play with a perfect 7-0 record.

But New Hampshire may have put forth the most impressive postseason performance of all in last week's second round. Fordham's prolific offense was held to a season-low point total as the Wildcats routed their way to a 44-19 triumph. The Rams converted just three of 13 third-down opportunities.

A sprained MCL forced New Hampshire quarterback Sean Goldrich to the sidelines earlier in the 2014 season, yet the Wildcats banded together until his return, and now the offense is playing at a high level. Goldrich had been third in the FCS in total offense before getting hurt but does face the fifth-ranked Mocs defense on Friday.

New Hampshire is tied for eighth in the nation and is first among the remaining playoff teams in average sacks per game. Its defensive front is going to be a load for Chattanooga to handle in its efforts to protect true dual-threat QB Jacob Huesman.

Indiana State was no match for Huesman in Round 2, as he had 241 yards passing and 153 on the ground in the Mocs' 35-14 win. Huesman's athleticism can neutralize the Wildcats' pass rush and make this perhaps the most competitive quarterfinal.

It's hard not to go with a mobile QB who can hurt a defense in so many different ways. At the most important position on the field, Huesman gives the underdogs an edge, which will result in an upset in Chattanooga's favor.

Prediction: Chattanooga 21, New Hampshire 17


No. 4 Eastern Washington vs. No. 5 Illinois State

The road hasn't been easy for Eastern Washington as of late. It had to defeat Montana once to get an edge en route to the Big Sky Conference championship and then again in the playoffs.

These Eagles have a tremendous amount of offensive firepower, evident in their close-call loss to Washington earlier in the year by a score of 59-52.

In that contest against the Huskies, QB Vernon Adams Jr. tossed a whopping seven touchdowns on an opposing defense that featured NFL-caliber talent in Shaq Thompson, Marcus Peters and Danny Shelton.

Adams, who missed four games with a broken foot and returned in the first Montana game, was recently named the conference offensive player of the year—just the third time that's ever happened in program history.

The savvy signal-caller is a threat to run but is lethal from the pocket as well, as he'll have to be with somewhat limited mobility. It's critical that Adams is ready to roll for the Eagles, whose defense has to negotiate the nation's third-leading rusher in Marshaun Coprich.

There's plenty of momentum for Illinois State to carry over from its previous victory over Northern Iowa, as Coprich ran for 148 yards and his QB, Tre Roberson, passed for 382 and four scores. The Eagles are 93rd in total defense, so there should be plenty of touchdowns scored in this one.

Eastern Washington is undefeated this year against FCS competition with Adams in the lineup, and that shouldn't change against the Redbirds on Saturday at Roos Field in what ought to be a shootout for the ages.

Prediction: Eastern Washington 49, Illinois State 45


No. 2 North Dakota State vs. No. 7 Coastal Carolina

It's hard not to like what North Dakota State has done this year. After the departure of the head coach who led them to three previous championships, Craig Bohl, his successor, Chris Klieman, has guided the Bison to a 12-1 record.

But a close call happened in the second round this past weekend, as North Dakota State edged out South Dakota State 27-24. Junior Bison quarterback Carson Wentz hit RJ Urzendowski on a 12-yard TD strike with less than a minute remaining to help the favorites escape.

Christopher Spiker of KFYR TV in Bismarck noted how NDSU has made a living off close calls, similar to what Florida State has done in its own national title defense:

The Bison only concede 3.53 yards per carry and will have to be stingy against the likes of Chanticleers star ball-carrier De'Angelo Henderson, who has 1,391 yards and 19 touchdowns on 6.6 yards per tote.

NDSU is tied for 10th in the country in third-down defense while Coastal Carolina is 36th. The latter front seven is going to match up against another talented running back in Bison star John Crockett.

Senior associate athletic director Troy Goergen documented what Crockett had to say regarding NDSU's pursuit of yet another banner:

Although Klieman is a different face at the helm of this powerhouse program, the nucleus, led by Crockett, has witnessed what it takes to win a championship. That was evident when the team didn't give up in facing a last-minute deficit versus South Dakota State last week.

Superior all-around execution and talent will help the Bison get the job done once again and carry on to the semifinals.

Prediction: North Dakota State 27, Coastal Carolina 14


No. 6 Villanova vs. Sam Houston State

The biggest red flag in assessing Sam Houston State's potential to pull off the improbable win is that it has lost four games this year. That did include a season-opening loss to Eastern Washington on the road and a 56-0 blowout defeat at LSU, though.

With a capable running QB in Jared Johnson at the controls, Sam Houston's best chance is to lean on a deep backfield of Keshawn Hill, Jalen Overstreet and Donavan Williams to try to control the clock and keep the ball away from Villanova.

It took a lot for the Wildcats just to get to this stage, courtesy of a 29-22 win over Liberty in the previous contest. One of QB John Robertson's eight completions went for 70 yards and a TD to Kevin Gulyas, sparking Villanova's comeback charge in the fourth that saw it score 15 unanswered points.

Robertson racked up 100 yards on the ground in that game but also leads the nation in passing efficiency with just three interceptions and 35 touchdown tosses.

Mike Jensen of The Philadelphia Inquirer, among others, is of the belief that Robertson is the best overall player in the FCS:

That will be hard for Sam Houston State to overcome, particularly with Villanova hosting the game in Philadelphia with the home crowd supporting.

Should the Wildcats indeed carry on thanks to Robertson's brilliance, it would set up an epic prospective battle with North Dakota State. Robertson is the type of game-changing player who has the faculties to engineer an upset over the Bison.

A similar phenomenon is occurring in the College Football Playoff, as Oregon's dual-threat dynamo, Marcus Mariota, hopes to knock off Florida State in the Rose Bowl. Such a reminiscent development would likely be a great point of comparison to help the FCS gain exposure and deserved notice for its exciting postseason.

Prediction: Villanova 34, Sam Houston State 20

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Alabama Recruiting 2014-15: Latest News, Rumors and Commit Updates

Alabama is steamrolling toward its fifth consecutive top-rated recruiting class, and Nick Saban and his staff have already assembled a stout group less than two months away from national signing day.

The Tide currently have 21 commitments in their 2015 class, per 247Sports.

Here's a look at the latest news, top targets and commits for the Tide.


Latest News

Monday, Dec. 8 

Alabama added a huge commitment on Monday when one of its top remaining targets, 4-star linebacker Adonis Thomas, announced his commitment to the Tide via his Twitter account.

The 6'4", 229-pounder, who initially committed to Florida before reopening his recruitment in October, picked the Tide over Florida and LSU among others.

Thomas is the 21st commitment for the Tide's 2015 class.


Top Targets and Commitments 


Monday, Dec. 8

Alabama suffered a decommitment over the weekend when 4-star receiver Daylon Charlot backed off his pledge to the Tide while on a visit to LSU.

Les Miles and the Tigers now appear to be in the driver's seat for Charlot.

Per James Smith of, Charlot plans to decide on national signing day. 


Monday, Dec. 8 

Four-star Texas athlete DeAndre McNeal, who is scheduled to announce his commitment on Dec. 19, released his top five schools via his Twitter account on Sunday evening. 

Alabama made the list, along with UCLA, Texas, Texas A&M and Texas Tech. 

This is a wide-open race, but the Tide appear to have as good of a shot as anyone. However, his friendship with teammate and 5-star linebacker Malik Jefferson—who appears to be leaning toward in-state powers Texas and Texas A&M—may play a role in his final decision.

With that in mind, it's hard to envision McNeal leaving the Lone Star State in the end.


Recruit ratings and information courtesy of 247Sports unless otherwise noted. 

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Butch Jones' Tennessee Contract Extension Intensifies Pressure to Succeed

The Tennessee athletic department did the right thing by lengthening Butch Jones' contract and giving him a raise on Monday. Now, the Volunteers' second-year head coach must make the administration look smart.

He's got to start winning the way Tennessee expects to win.

Make no mistake: He hasn't been expected to win like that yet with the talent gulf and roster deficiencies he inherited from the failed Derek Dooley regime. But now that he has many of the pieces in place, he's being paid to produce.

And paid handsomely, indeed. UT athletic director Dave Hart announced Monday he'd reached an agreement with Jones that extends the contract two years through 2020 and gives him a pay increase of more than $600,000 annually.

Jones new contract is worth $3.6 million per year, up from the $2.95 million previously, according to's John Brice and Grant Ramey (subscription required). Assistants also received raises.

Given the way Jones has recruited—finishing with a class that ranked seventh nationally last year and fourth in the current cycle—the way he's galvanized the fanbase and improved academics (as noted by, all the external elements have been strengthened.

The final bit of important evidence that likely cemented the new deal was UT finishing this season 6-6 and heading to the TaxSlayer Bowl, marking the program's first trip to the postseason since 2010.

Add to that the rumors that Jones would have a "strong interest" in returning to his home state of Michigan to fill the vacant Wolverines head coaching position, according to 247Sports' Ryan Bartow, and extending the contract was a no-brainer.

For what it's worth, Hart told the media that Michigan nor any other school had contacted UT to speak with Jones. Regardless, UT's head coach earned this raise with the rebuilding job he's done.

Hart reiterated that Monday:

"It has always been my philosophy to reward people for performance and the job that they are doing and not reward for them because you think somebody else might come and get them. This is about that."

With the raise, Jones is on par with his peers and should have no reason to bolt for a place where the pastures are greener simply because they're lined with greenbacks.

But now that the Vols have locked up who they deem as their long-term coach and are paying him like you'd expect a program like UT to pay, Jones has to perform.

As ousted coaches Brady Hoke and Will Muschamp can attest, lofty recruiting rankings don't always equal wins. And while taking a tangible step forward to bowl eligibility is a respectable step, expectations only grow from here.

The Vols are a .500 football team, but $3.6 million isn't 6-6 money. Hart knows it. Jones knows it. Every single Tennessee fan knows it.

So, now, Jones has to build off this strong start and return the program to the form it hasn't been in for nearly a decade.

If Tennessee's administration believed in Jones the way it said, UT had to pony up. That's today's climate in college football, where it's more of a business than it's ever been. Look no further than Florida's coaching search that ended in Jim McElwain, who came all the way from Colorado State at an exorbitant price, as evidence of that.

Many want to coach in the SEC where every game is magnified, every single week the frenzy borders on a religious experience and the rewards are great when you succeed. But high demands come at a high cost, and the bottom line is Jones was toward the bottom of the league in salaries prior to Monday.

UT more than got its money's worth since it hired Jones in December 2012 at the previous price. Now, it expects to do the same with the significant bump.

There are still some roster holes, thanks to the immense failures of Dooley, but they're fewer and farther between. Jones seized the opportunity for a significant roster turnover that could produce back-to-back recruiting classes of more than 30 commitments.

Once that happens, any issues with personnel are his own.

The Vols played 24 freshmen this year and lost to three SEC East opponents by a combined 12 points. The way the division shook out this year, the future appears there for the taking.

This is truly the perfect time for the Vols to rise back to the top of the East, if not the league. With the young talent in place and the way Jones is recruiting, the expectations are not only high among fans starving for success, but nationally as well.

Jones and the Vols appear poised to do big things with quarterback Joshua Dobbs leading a group of talented youngsters into 2015 and beyond. But UT has to transition from taking steps to making leaps now that it isn't sneaking up on anybody.

This year's quest to get bowl-eligible with the schedule the Vols had was excellent pressure practice for what's coming for Jones and his staff now that the honeymoon's officially over.

UT passed the test by overcoming major obstacles, and that's an encouraging sign for the future.

But the future is here.

The Vols are expected to beat Iowa in the TaxSlayer Bowl on Jan. 2, and they'll be a much discussed dark-horse candidate in a wide-open SEC East in 2015 and beyond. Why shouldn't they be?

Tennessee's recruiting prowess under Jones announced to the world that the Vols are back on the minds of the nation's elite players. The 2014 team announced it wasn't to be taken lightly by turning in a competitive performance that will end in a bowl.

Monday's newly-inked deal announces that UT's football program expects to win big, and Hart believes Jones is the one to take the Vols there.

Now comes the most difficult part: Actually doing it.


All stats gathered from unless otherwise noted.

Brad Shepard covers SEC football and is the Tennessee Lead Writer for Bleacher Report. Follow Brad on Twitter @Brad_Shepard.

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5 College Football Recruits Who Had an Explosive Week

The 2014 high school football season has hit its final stretch across the nation, with several states already moving on to the winter sports slate. The teams left competing remain in contention for championship glory, giving players an opportunity to create lasting legacies in their communities.

Throughout the fall, we've focused on weekly standouts from various recruiting classes. Some of these prospects are now just months away from beginning college careers, while others will return to lead high school squads again next year.

We keep the spotlight on recruits who continue to rise to the occasion when it matters most. Here's our latest look at those who shined last weekend.


5-star 2015 quarterback Kyler Murray, Allen High School (Allen, Texas)

Time and time again during his career, Murray has shown a refusal to lose. That spirit helped lift the Eagles to a late victory over Euless Trinity High School in the Class 6A state quarterfinals.

Murray completed 25 passes, including a 3rd-and-20 conversion that set up a game-winning field goal with 44 seconds left, per Matt Wixon of The Dallas Morning News. He threw for 428 yards and four touchdowns in the 30-27 win, pushing Allen one step closer to a third straight state title.

The 5'10", 180-pound Texas A&M pledge improved to 40-0 as a varsity starter. He has 175 total touchdowns during that span, including 68 through 14 games this season.


4-star 2015 running back Mark Walton, Booker T. Washington High School (Miami, Florida)

Booker T. Washington cruised to a third consecutive Class 4A state championship with Walton leading the way. He earned Most Valuable Player honors by scoring five total touchdowns, including three on the ground, in a 54-35 win over Jacksonville Bolles High School, per J.T. Wilcox of SFHS Sports.

Walton rushed for 184 yards and three scores on 19 carries, collecting an additional 89 yards and two touchdowns through the air. His performance helped punctuate the team's latest title run and extended its win streak to 40 games.

He scored three touchdowns in the fourth quarter to put the game out of reach.

“Being a part of history was a big thing to us,” Walton told Wilcox. "I wasn’t going to let my teammates – the seniors on this teams – down and let us lose. That’s why I turned it on in the second half and did whatever I could to help my team win."

The 5'10", 179-pound playmaker committed to Miami in September 2013. Several offers have arrived since, including one from Florida just days after the arrival of new Gators head coach Jim McElwain.


3-star 2015 running back Nick Ralston, Argyle High School (Argyle, Texas)

The 6'0", 215-pound rusher put the offensive game plan on his back during a Class 4A quarterfinal win over Kennedale. Argyle rallied from a 17-point deficit as Ralston ran for 214 yards and five touchdowns on 38 carries, according to The Dallas Morning News.

He scored a go-ahead 57-yard touchdown in the fourth quarter to give his team a 52-48 victory in the battle of unbeaten teams.

Arizona State landed his commitment in February. The Sun Devils coaching staff paid him a visit this weekend after the dominant effort:

Through 14 games, Ralston is averaging nearly eight yards per carry. He has 2,324 yards and 40 touchdowns on the ground, per MaxPreps.


4-star 2015 quarterback Brandon Wimbush, St. Peter's Prep (Jersey City, New Jersey)

Wimbush and St. Peter's Prep avenged a 2013 state title game loss by defeating Paramus Catholic in a championship rematch. The 6'2", 205-pound passer picked apart the opposing defense with his arm and legs, flashing the skill set that makes him America's No. 4 dual-threat quarterback in 247Sports' composite rankings.

He completed 18 passes for 167 yards and two touchdowns in a 34-18 win, per Braulio Perez of 247Sports. Wimbush was most dangerous as a rusher, gaining 158 yards on 11 carries.

His 63-yard fourth-quarter scoring sprint put the final nail in the coffin for reigning champion Paramus Catholic.

"This is an unbelievable feeling for us right now," Wimbush told Perez. "Just to be able to capture it all with these guys is special. I wouldn't go out like this and win a state championship with another group of dudes."

He flipped his commitment from Penn State to Notre Dame in October. Wimbush finishes as the all-time leader in touchdown passes at St. Peter's Prep.


4-star 2017 quarterback Tate Martell, Bishop Gorman High School (Las Vegas, Nevada)

The sophomore signal-caller capped off his first season at the Nevada powerhouse by playing a pivotal role in a state championship victory. Martell, who took over the starting role in late August, completed three early touchdown passes en route to a 70-28 demolishing of Reed High School, per Jim Krajewski of the Reno Gazette-Journal.

Each of his first three tosses resulted in touchdowns, including a strike to 4-star 2015 wide receiver Cordell Broadus on the second play from scrimmage. Martell maximized his 12 pass attempts, tallying 162 yards and the trio of scores.

Bishop Gorman has now won six straight titles and makes a strong case to be considered the country's top team. Martell will return as the face of this premier program in 2015.

The highly touted underclassman transferred from California before the season and completes his sophomore campaign with 3,000 total yards and 41 touchdowns, per MaxPreps. The journey included a nationally televised victory over St. John Bosco (California) and 5-star UCLA quarterback commit Josh Rosen.

Martell committed to Washington while in middle school and has remained loyal to the Huskies despite a coaching change. However, offers from Texas Tech and USC could make things interesting down the road.


Recruit ratings and info courtesy of 247Sports.

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Best Non-Playoff Matchups This Bowl Season

Love them or hate them, there's one thing that can't be denied about the overabundance of bowl games: With so many matchups, it's hard not to end up with at least a few really good ones.

Not counting the semifinals, the remaining 36 games set to be played between Dec. 20 and Jan. 3 feature plenty of duds, for sure. But root around a little and you'll find some gems in there, games that either pit teams of clashing styles or ones with built-in storylines because of histories between coaches and/or players.

Whatever the reason, there's a number of non-playoff bowl games that should be appointment viewing. And we've got a lineup all ready for you to plan your holiday activities around. 

Check out our list of the best non-semifinal games of the 2014 bowl season, complete with TV info and plenty of reasons to tune in.

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Power Ranking Top 10 Bowl Games by Their Swag Gifts

It's officially college football bowl season. But more to the point, it's officially college football bowl gift season.

The gift packages each bowl gives away are a deserved prize to the teams that won six or more games. The NCAA allows each bowl to award $550 worth of "swag" to 125 participants per school, and the bowls know how to make that money count.

But some bowls know better than others. And the order of those bowls is pretty random. The team with the best record doesn't always make the bowl with the best gifts. A lot of it is luck of the draw.

In 2014, the real winners are Central Michigan and Western Kentucky, which earned an invite to the newly formed Bahamas Bowl in Nassau.

Not including that, however, here are the 10 bowl games with the best gift packages this season.

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Tulsa Head Coach Search: Latest News and Rumors on Position

The Tulsa football program fired head coach Bill Blankenship following a 2-10 season and are searching for the next leader. Several candidates for the position have already been announced with two interesting names at the top of the list.

Bruce Feldman of Fox Sports noted two coaches reportedly being considered for the position:

Frost, who has carved out a huge role with Oregon, jumps out as an intriguing candidate. His offense has the Ducks in the College Football Playoff led by Heisman candidate Marcus Mariota.    

Along with Frost, Tulsa is also reportedly eyeing Utah State coach Matt Wells. Wells has led the Aggies to a 9-4 record this year but was recently throttled by Boise State, 50-19, to close the season.

He recently spoke about his thoughts on other job opportunities, per Scott Garrard of 97.5 The Zone:

Both coaches bring a wealth of experience at the college level, but Wells has two years of success as a head coach. For a Tulsa team that hasn't reached a bowl since 2012, the Golden Hurricane need a coach with the pedigree to win right away.

It should be interesting to see whom the program ultimately decides on, but it can't go wrong with either of these initial options. Due to their recent success, either Frost or Wells might turn the tide for the Golden Hurricane.

Follow @RCorySmith on Twitter.

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Central Michigan Players Erupt After Finding out They're Going to Bahamas Bowl

This is how every coach should tell his players what bowl game they will be playing in.

Central Michigan players were kept on the edge of their seats as they watched a video that narrowed down the possible destinations one by one. Once it got down to the final two, the players were ready to erupt.

After a much anticipated wait, it was finally revealed that the Chippewas would be playing in the Popeyes Bahamas Bowl. That got a huge roar from the players.

Central Michigan will play Western Kentucky in the Popeyes Bahamas Bowl on Dec. 24.

[YouTube, h/t CollegeFootballTalk]

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Rapid-Fire Predictions for TCU vs. Ole Miss in 2014 Peach Bowl

The TCU Horned Frogs finished a magical season just short of the College Football Playoff behind the tremendous play of quarterback Trevone Boykin. The Ole Miss Rebels are the only team all season to beat the No. 1 team in the CFP. These teams square off in the Peach Bowl.

Bleacher Report college football analysts Michael Felder, Barrett Sallee and Adam Kramer give their predictions for this bowl game.

Who will win the Peach Bowl?

Watch the video, and let us know!

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Rapid-Fire Predictions for Alabama vs. Ohio State in 2015 Sugar Bowl

Alabama vs. Ohio State. Nick Saban vs. Urban Meyer. Two storied programs battling it out for a spot in the national championship game.

Bleacher Report College Football Analysts Michael Felder, Barrett Sallee and Adam Kramer dish out their predictions for the Sugar Bowl.

Who will win: Alabama or Ohio State? Check out the video and let us know!                

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Is LSU New Favorite to Land Alabama Decommit 4-Star WR Daylon Charlot?

The rivalry between LSU and Alabama has delivered its share of classics on the field, but the two schools seem to up the ante every year on the recruiting trail.

The latest battleground recruit caught in the tug of war between Nick Saban and Les Miles is 2015 4-star receiver Daylon Charlot—who decommitted from an early pledge to the Tide and is now considering the Tigers, according to Shea Dixon of Geaux247.

In addition to the Tide and the Tigers, Charlot has offers from Arizona State, Florida State, Mississippi State and Texas A&M, among others.

But does this news mean he will stay close to home for college?

Charlot made the decision after visiting Baton Rouge over the weekend. He told James Smith of that he informed Miles of his decision while on his visit.

"I told Coach (Les) Miles that I was decommitting from Alabama when we sat to talk today," Charlot told Smith. "He was excited, very excited. He said they need me really bad. "I got home late so I plan on calling Coach (Billy) Napier at Alabama in the morning to let him know. I think they may even be coming by on Monday, really."

While the path of his recruitment suggests that it’s trending towards him landing at LSU, don’t expect Saban and his staff to end their pursuit of the No. 19 wide receiver in the 2015 class.

The 6’0”, 194-pounder from Patterson, Louisiana had been committed to the Tide since February.

According to Charles Power of BamaOnline (subscription required), Alabama assistant Burton Burns is scheduled to visit Charlot on Tuesday in an effort to see where the Tide stands for his services.

But the Tide will have a long road ahead in convincing him to stick with his original commitment.

Charlot was also in attendance at Tiger Stadium when the Tide earned a hard-fought overtime victory over the Tigers last month.

As noted by Power (subscription required), Charlot was struggling with his decision in the aftermath of that game.

"I could say it's like 60-40. 60 with Alabama and 40 with LSU," Charlot told Power then.

The Tide identified Charlot as an explosive playmaker early in the process, and he pulled the trigger with a commitment shortly after receiving an offer from Saban.

"Coach (Lane) Kiffin, Coach (Billy) Napier, and Coach (Burton) Burns, they've been telling me that I'm sitting great and that I have a great chance of starting because all their receivers are leaving and that I could come in and possibly play as a true freshman,” Charlot told Power after last month’s visit.

Despite the Tide’s pitch, it appears that Miles and his staff have satisfied his concerns about the Tigers offense and showed that his opportunity to find the field is similar to his options in Tuscaloosa.

Charlot told Smith that he plans to wait until signing day to make his final choice, which means there are more opportunities for twists and turns to occur in his recruitment.

However, for now, it appears that Miles and LSU are holding the upper hand over their rivals for one of the Pelican State’s most electric prospects in the 2015 class.


Sanjay Kirpalani is a National Recruiting Analyst for Bleacher Report. Unless otherwise noted, all recruiting information courtesy of 247Sports.

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7 SEC Players Who Will Explode in Bowl Games

One of the most important times of the year for college football teams is the time between the end of the season and the bowl game.

Earning those 15 bowl practices allows programs another camp-like practice session similar to spring practice while preparing for an opponent that is typically comparable in terms of overall ranking.

That gives unknown players the chance to shine and earn playing time on a big stage, establishing momentum going into the offseason. For veterans, it's a chance to shine on a big stage and set the tone for next season or, for some, the NFL draft process.

Which SEC players will explode during bowl games this season? Our top seven are in this slideshow.

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College Football Playoff 2014-15: TV Schedule, Predictions for Anticipated Games

As thrilling as the college football season was, the inaugural College Football Playoff has the look of two memorable matchups. Four of the most illustrious teams will do battle with only two earning the right to play for a national championship.

The four teams making the field are Alabama, Oregon, Florida State and Ohio State. Each of the top six teams won its final game during championship weekend, but only four won their conferences with Baylor and TCU sharing the Big 12 title.

Needless to say, the Big 12 might still be asking, "What might have been?" Meanwhile, the Buckeyes have a shot at Alabama to potentially match up with either Oregon or Florida State for a national title.

Prior to the bowl season kicking off, here's a look at the viewing information and predictions for the most anticipated games.


Playoff Predictions

Coming into the season as the defending national champions, the Seminoles looked the part of a title contender. Despite being the only team to run the table this year, FSU still comes into the playoff with question marks surrounding the team.

The Noles will look to silence their critics in the first semifinal against Oregon. After taking down a potent offense in Georgia Tech, coach Jimbo Fisher spoke about his team's resilience, via Marc Tracy of The New York Times:

“Last year’s team was dominating,” Fisher said. “This year’s team, the word is more ‘amazing.’”

Rather than blowing out every opponent this season, Florida State has mounted several major comebacks. If any team embodies what the Seminoles were able to accomplish last season, it's Oregon.

The season after Jameis Winston ran away with the Heisman Trophy, Marcus Mariota appears to have done the same this year. Now, the two will do battle for the right to compete for a title.

However, the comparison isn't quite the same this season with Winston struggling on the field. SportsCenter provides a look at the statistics for the quarterback matchup:

If Mariota can put on a similar show to the Pac-12 Championship Game, expect the Ducks to throttle the Seminoles. FSU may have earned the right to make the playoff, but Oregon won't allow a comeback on New Year's Day.

Following the Rose Bowl, the Sugar Bowl pits two great coaches in Nick Saban and Urban Meyer against one another. When Alabama and Ohio State face off, it will mark the fourth time between them as Meyer looks to even up the series after losing the last two games.

Even after OSU came away with the Big Ten championship, Barrett Sallee of Bleacher Report believes it won't be close, via B/R Radio:

Both teams have faced adversity this season, but Alabama still has one of the best defenses in the country. Along with elite offensive weapons like Amari Cooper and T.J. Yeldon, the Crimson Tide have an all-around team to take down the Buckeyes.


Follow @RCorySmith on Twitter.

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Ultimate Guide to College Football Playoff

The field has been set for the first ever College Football Playoff, which will feature the SEC, Pac-12, ACC and Big Ten champions instead of the co-champions tendered by the Big-12.

There are gripes to be had about the four teams that made it (and the two Big 12 teams that did not), but why waste any more time arguing? We have argued for the past four months. It's over. We made it. It is time to look forward, not back.

Looking forward means previewing the inaugural Final Four, which is an exciting sentence to write. And the games are as good as anyone could have hoped. Bleacher Report's Adam Kramer called this college football's "dream playoff," which is the perfect way to describe it.

It may be the only way to describe it.

Here is everything you need to know.

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College Football Playoff Championship 2015: Dates, Schedule and Predictions

The College Football Playoff committee has spoken.

The nation is far from done with the debate.

Controversy is the name of the game. Baylor and TCU out of the Big 12 missed out, and not only that, the latter still won this past weekend and dropped below the former. Both were jumped by Ohio State, a team led by a third-string quarterback.

But hey, those are just some of the talking points surrounding the participants. Now that they are known, it is time to break down how things will pan out.


2015 College Football Playoff Schedule



Mariota Shines Brighter than Winston

The showdown between the Oregon Ducks and Florida State Seminoles is being billed as a battle between last year's Heisman Trophy winner and this season's arguable lock to nab the hardware.

It really is not all that impressive, though.

Jameis Winston won the award last year but has been a shell of his former self this year, throwing for 3,558 yards and 24 touchdowns to 17 interceptions. For comparison's sake, Marcus Mariota has thrown for 3,783 yards and 38 touchdowns to two interceptions, which does not even take into account the 669 yards and 14 scores on the ground.

As a breakdown shows, this on its own gives the Ducks a major advantage when it comes to offense:

The problem with Florida State in this matchup is not Winston. Even he turned things up a notch in the ACC Championship Game against Georgia Tech with three touchdowns to no interceptions. 

No, the problem resides on the defensive side of the football. The Seminoles rank 30th nationally with an average of 23.0 points allowed per game and cannot get off the field at an efficient clip.

Against an Oregon offense that averages more than 546 yards per game, Mariota will have no issues milking the clock and keeping Winston off the field entirely on the way to a comfortable win.

Prediction: Oregon 36, Florida State 28


Ohio State Puts up a Serious Fight

The stigma around Ohio State is that it cannot keep pace with the SEC.

This notion is only heightened thanks to the fact the Buckeyes are now without J.T. Barrett under center. That said, it is hard to ignore the fact Urban Meyer's team still went out and won the Big Ten Championship Game against Wisconsin in 59-0 fashion.

The committee certainly did not miss out on this slight detail, as illustrated by Bruce Feldman of Fox Sports:

The matchup itself is rather jarring on paper but perhaps skewed considering Barrett was such a large part of these numbers in the first place:

Still, Cardale Jones just put to bed—for the time being—any questions about his ability under center. He misfired on just five passes in the Big Ten title game while racking up 257 yards and a trio of scores in the process.

Considering the magnitude of the game and the fact Wisconsin still ranks 13th in the nation in terms of total defense, a better test for Jones would have been quite difficult to find.

That said, Alabama will outlast Ohio State. Nick Saban's defense surrenders just 16.6 points per game. Ohio State may have some success limiting the damage quarterback Blake Sims can do. But the defense has never truly encountered anything like wideout Amari Cooper, who has 115 receptions for 1,656 yards and 14 scores on the year.

The emergence of Jones and Meyer's ability to squeeze the absolute most out of his offense in any given situation means the Buckeyes can keep pace. But with the game on the line late, all advantages swing in Alabama's favor. 

Prediction: Alabama 24, Ohio State 21


Oregon Wins it All

It seems inevitable that Mariota clashes with Saban's defense.

Alabama is more potent than ever offensively thanks to the efforts of Sims, who has 3,250 yards and 26 scores through the air and another 321 yards and six scores rushing. As a result, the Crimson Tide average better than 37 points per game.

But that still falls well short of the 46.3 points the Ducks average.

Something has to give, right? Look for that to be Alabama's defense, as strange as that sounds.

The Crimson Tide defense suffers fits in the face of efficient passers who can get out and extend plays with their feet. That would be the reason Auburn quarterback Nick Marshall torched the unit for 456 yards and three scores.

While Oregon may struggle with the power running attack Alabama trots out, it is a simple matter of getting out in front and staying there. Not a problem, really—this is the same Ducks offense that posted a minimum of 45 points on Michigan State, Utah and Stanford, the latter of which even happens to rank better than Alabama defensively.

As things progress this year, it continues to look like a season of fate for the Ducks. As great as Alabama was at surviving the SEC, not even the Crimson Tide can halt Mariota's relentless pursuit of a title.

Prediction: Oregon 30, Alabama 27


Statistics and info courtesy of ESPN unless otherwise specified


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