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Lou Holtz Wears Blue Sweater to Ohio State, Urban Meyer Makes Him Switch to Red

It doesn't matter who you are—Ohio State Buckeyes head coach Urban Meyer does not want to see you wearing the color blue in Columbus.

Yes, even you, Lou Holtz.

On Saturday, the Buckeyes held Student Appreciation Day at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center. Holtz, who brought Meyer on to join his staff at Notre Dame back in 1996, took part. He just apparently didn't get a memo.

Don't wear blue at Ohio State.

Anybody who lives in Columbus or has walked around the Ohio State campus knows you risk being shunned if you wear (any shade of) the colors of "that team up north." The Ohio State-Michigan rivalry is one of the best in all of sports, and it's one both sides take seriously—even when it's not football season.

Good thing Holtz has some history with Meyer and was allowed to change his top rather than being kicked out.

According to James Grega Jr. of, however, some students were not as lucky as the former Fighting Irish head coach.

As history has shown (here and here), Meyer has absolutely zero tolerance for the color blue in Buckeye Nation. Don't even try to test him because it's not going to end well.


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