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15 Biggest College Football Position Battles to Watch in 2015 Fall Camps

Preseason camps are officially underway at most schools. The 2015 football season is just around the corner, which means any remaining position battles need to be sorted out. 

But not all position battles are created equally. Some are going to get far more attention than others, and frankly, some could be way more meaningful, despite what every coach will say.

Which preseason camp position battles fall under that category? We'll stick with the ol' 15 for '15 model and break down the top competitions in the final weeks before the season. Some battles are obvious, like Ohio State and Alabama's quarterback competitions. Others might fly a little further under the radar but could have huge impacts on the season. 

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College Football Redshirt Freshmen to Watch in 2015 Fall Camp

One of the best aspects of fall camp for fans of college football and the media members who cover the sport is the early chance to see possible instant-impact freshmen.

In today's 24/7/365 cycle of recruiting, newcomers are turned into campus celebrities before they even play a single snap in college. People clamor to see the next big thing for a program.

A group of freshmen that is sometimes overlooked during fall practices is the one that consists of those who received a redshirt in the previous year. The strong buzz surrounding their signings has been replaced by the most recent class, and they normally don't receive as much hype as the players who are fresh out of high school.

But redshirt freshmen are still major playmakers for programs year in and year out. Thanks to a year in the weight room and the new playbook, these players can be valuable first-year starters in key areas for major programs.

Here are 15 redshirt freshmen fans need to keep their eyes on during fall camps. Some have positioned themselves to become starters in their second year on the team, while others will be embroiled in huge position battles in the final weeks leading up to the season.

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