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Breaking Down the Best Possible National Championship Games at Week 6

If it's "never too early to start talking about the College Football Playoff," then six weeks seems like an appropriate amount of time to wait before talking about the second leg of that playoff: the national championship game.

Almost every team from a power-five conference with less than two losses stands a mathematical chance of making the CFP and advancing to play for the national title, but only a handful of those teams stand a realistic chance. A lot can happen between now and then to change things, but for the time being, we have narrowed that handful down to the Top 15 teams in the Associated Press poll

In selecting the best possible matchups from those 210 options, we looked for a couple of things. Especially since the season is still young—i.e., we do not know as much as we would like about which teams are actually the best—a heavy focus was placed on narrative. In other words, which games would make for the best TV spectacle?

But, of course, it was more than just that. We also looked for interesting style or personnel matchups to go with those off-field storylines. We did not simply plug in the teams from the top of the poll to ensure picking the safest matchups. But we also made an effort to keep things realistic by including only title-worthy teams.

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