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Dec. 24, 1913

Eagles Entertain Children On Christmas

Among the other celebrations to be given on the Harbor Christmas is that to be presented by the local aerie of Eagles at 3:30 o’clock tomorrow afternoon in their lodge quarters on J street. Here Young America will be entertained at a big Christmas tree, and let it be understood that all children of Hoquiam are cordially invited to come to see Santa Claus and to feel the spirit of Christmas giving.

While things are being kept dark at headquarters, it leaked out yesterday that Santa Claus would arrive by the aeroplane route and enter the local nest by means of a chimney. Candy, nuts and other delicacies will be given to all the children who can be crowded into the hall, and it is assured that no one will be slighted.

Elks Lodge Will Give Children Christmas

Santa Claus will be at the Elks lodge home on K street at 2:30 o’clock tomorrow afternoon when some 350 children will be guests of the lodge at a big Christmas festival. The affair this year will be on a bigger, more elaborate scale than ever before. The Elks committee in charge has sent out invitations to its guests and has done everything possible to give them a good time during tomorow afternoon. There willl be candy and presents for all and Santa Claus will be on hand to greet the children.

Dec. 26, 1913

James Ormsby Burned While Playing Santa

ABERDEEN, Dec. 25 — (Special) — James Ormsby of Gate, father of John A. Byard, who came here to spend Christmas with his relatives narrowly escaped death last night when his Santa Claus suit caught fire from lighted candles on the Christmas tree, as he was about to distribute the presents. Ormsby pulled from his chin the false whiskers which had caught fire first. His hands were so severely burned the skin peeled off and his arms and his face were scorched. The tree and decorations upon it were consumed but the house escaped damage. Dr. C. T. Smith was called from the Christmas festivities at his home to attend the injured man.

Pigs Too Near To Parlors To Suit

ABERDEEN, Dec. 25 — (Special) — Councilman John F. Myles, during a brief meeting of the city fathers Christmas eve, took a stand against eating places in saloons. The question was upon reference of the eating place in the saloon to the committee on health and the city attorney. Mr. Myles said he had never voted against a saloon license reported from the license committee, but was opposed to a saloon running anything more than what the license was obtained for.

Mr. Myles said he believed in enforcing the law with respect to the curtains. He did not see why the law should not be enforced. He was even oppposed, he said, to the cigars and being a shield against observance. The saloon should be just what the law provides.

There was a discussion over a protest of property owners on East Wishkah street to acceptance of the improvement on the allegation the pavement had cracked badly and sunk under what was believed to be too fast traffic of trains of the Northern Pacific. The city attorney was called upon to enlighten the members as to the status of the contract. The protest was laid over for a week to be taken up with the acceptance of the contract Jan. 7.

Attention was called to the unsanitary condition of two houses at the end of Sixth street, one where a family kept pigs under the house and another where pigs are kept within 10 feet of the house. Garbage Superintendent Jensen said there are pigs kept at many places around the city. The health committee and health officer was instructed to investigate. The matter of an ordinance prohibiting keeping pigs within the city limits was referred to the city attorney. The present ordinance only provides for a certain described section.

Elks Santa Claus Has Presents For 700

Fully 700 children of all ages from the little shaver of three years up, were guests of the Hoquiam Elks yesterday at the home on K street when the annual Christmas festival was held for invited guests. There was no end of good cheer and evey child was treated to candy and received a present suitable to age and desires.

The affair began at 2:30 p.m., but long before that time the invited children began to arrive at the hall and by the time the doors were opened the crowd numbered over 600.

In the hall careful preparations had been made. The curtains of the stage were drawn when the children were seated and a great fireplace and chimney were seen. Santa came down the chimney and after a short talk to the children the distribution of presents began. There was candy and a suitable gift for every one, whether boy or girl, whether old or young. Everyone was in good humor and altogether the affair is declared to have been one of the most successful the Elks have given.

Big Timber Deal In East End Is Made

MONTESANO, Dec. 23 — In today’s transfers is the sale of 719 acres of timber land by H. Goodwin Green of Pennsylvania to the Weyerhaeuser timber company. The land is located in the east end of the county and near the present end of the Lytle logging road.

While the deed price is $10 and other considerations, it is known the consideration must have been in the neighborhood of $40,000 from other offers that had been made for the timber.

It is said this deal closes out the Goodwin holdings in the county.

Generous Gift Of Free Turkeys AT 4 P.M.

A coop full of large live “Christmas Day Kings” will be let loose from the second story of the Heerman building this afternoon at 4 o’clock by the proprietors of the Cy-Dan Shoe store. Cy Sutherland and Dan Hanrahan will have a few of the turkeys on display this morning in the I street window of their establishment, and guarantee the public those displayed will be selected at random from the entire lot.

Promptly at 4 o’clock the proprietors will make their appearance in a second story window and let the birds fly down among the prospective capturers in the street. A festive time is expected.

Dec. 27, 1913

Pantages Vaudeville At Arcade Sunday

Four feature acts direct from the Pantages circuit will be the attraction at the Arcade-Grand Sunday matinee and night. This extra large show is to be here one day only, and a large attendance is expected as everyone on the Harbor knows of the excellent quality of the Pantages attractions. In order to accomodate all who desire to attend, there will be a matinee at 2:30 o’clock and two big shows at night, the first show at night starting at 7:30 o’clock and the second at 9 o’clock.

The great Zenos, known as “America’s representative wire artist and aerial performers,” executes some of the most daring and thrilling stunts ever attempted. Freeman and Fisk are comedy entertainers, singers and dancers. The Dancing DuPars, as their name implies, are dancers of ability, and introduce some new and novel steps in triple too, buck and unison dancing.

Eugene De Lafayette, known as “The Little Musical Maid,” has one of the most pleasing musical acts that has appeared here in a long time. Her piano playing is phenomenal, especially when she plays a heavy march, using only her left hand. Miss De Lafayette plays many instruments with ease and grace and her act is sure to please all who see it. The photo plays for this date are, “The Slave of Satan,” a two-rebel Pathe play, “A Vaudville Star’s Vacation,” “Pathe comedy, and “Trying Out No. 707,” a Selig drama.


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