100 years ago in The Washie

April 28, 1914

Aberdeen to Hold Speed to 15 Miles

ABERDEEN — Today Chief of Police William Seaman warned automobilists to observe the 15-mile speed law in Aberdeen. The action of the chief of police in personally notifying residents demonstrated the idea of the department, the desire not being to persecute. The speed laws have been abused so flagrantly, it is that, that after notification, the ordinance will be enforced rigidly. The officers are armed with stop watches and will attempt to regulate traffic. It is hoped the owners of automobiles will co-operate with the police by keeping their speedometers down to regulation point. The chief of police says he does not want to arrest men, but is duty bound to do so in enforcing the new city ordinance.

April 29, 1914

Power Life Boat is Brought to Westport

Considerable interest in marine circles was aroused Monday by the arrival of the new $10,000 power life-saving boat for the Westport life-saving station. The new boat is a self-righting, self-bailing gasoline power model of the most modern design. Besides the ordinary propulsion by oars, there is a gasoline motor of 40 horse-power, having tanks with gasoline fuel capacity for a 48 hour run. The boat is provided also with fore and aft sails.

The boat is constructed of mahogany and oak, and fitted with copper throughout. It will hold including the crew, 30 people. It was much admired by all who saw it while in this port. Yesterday it went to the lower harbor and to its quarters at Westport.

Hoquiam Theater to be Opened This Fall

That the Hoquiam theater will reopen its doors this fall with variety, stock or pleasure shows, was a statement made yesterday by F. G. Foster, the owner. Mr. Foster, in speaking of the project, said a date had not yet been decided upon, but that the theater will be opened following a complete renovation.

It is Mr. Foster’s belief another theater could be opened here to advantage, and it is his plan to maintain a high class show, either stock, variety or motion pictures.

April 30, 1914

Water Company Building Big Concrete Reservoir

The Hoquiam Water company has begun the concrete work for the lining of the big reservoir on College Hill. The excavation for this reservoir has been under way during the past year and the banks have been allowed to stand during the rainy season so they would settle themselves.

The new reservoir will have a capacity of 6,500,000 gallons. It will be about 100 feet long and 200 feet wide on top, with a depth of 26 feet. The excavations made are in a clay subsoil, making an excellent material for a reservoir basin.


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