In 1964, Mack resigns as HHS football coach

75 years ago

January 17, 1939

• Representatives from virtually every South Beach organization last night proposed more liberal limits for non-commercial clam diggers and lowering of the minimum-size regulations.

It was suggested that non-commercial (tourist) diggers be allowed five or six dozen clams instead of three dozen at any one time and that the size restriction be lowered and the diggers forced to take all the clams dug. The theory behind this, representatives said, is that tourists now throw away small clams and keep digging until they get big ones. Clams thus thrown away or reburied are usually injured and are a total loss anyhow.

• The first taste of inter-city warfare this year is scheduled for Friday when the Grizzlies’ cage team hosts the Bobcats. Principal R.W. Oltman of HHS said today every possible bit of seating space will be utilized including 225 seats on the stage. A Bobcat rooting section that will seat nearly 400 will be reserved for the Aberdeen students.

Approximately 1,500 will be able to find seats, Oltman said and standing room will be available for many more. It will not surprise officials if the all-time record of 1,850 set two years ago, is shattered.

January 18, 1939

J.C. Leitch, street superintendent, was ready early this afternoon to fire a blast to bring down from the Aberdeen city entrance a section of overhanging rock at the scene of a big slide several days ago. He said that further blasting will be required along the 150-foot bluff before the highway will be safe for travel.

Mr. Leitch said a very dangerous situation confronts the city at the entrance, some of the cracks in the rock extending 15 feet back. The blast today was designed to bring down some 400 cubic yards.

January 19, 1939

Climaxing a spirited campaign, close to 2,000 Grays Harbor mill and camp workers today and tomorrow will determine union jurisdiction in five local lumber operations. Crews at the Anderson &Middleton plant, the two Donovan mills, Bay City Mill and Schafer loggers will be voting with two observers from the AFL and IWA in attendance at each voting location.

50 years ago

January 17, 1964

The resignation of half of Hoquiam High Schools’s football staff — Bob Mack and Mike Corrigan — comes after a week of rumors across Myrtle Street. We wonder if Mack wouldn’t have continued as coach if Hoquiam had beaten neighboring rival Aberdeen on Thanksgiving Day.

A member of the Aberdeen football staff paid Mack a compliment by saying, “All four years (with Mack as HHS coach) Hoquiam gave us our toughest game of the season with the exception of Lincoln. We thought he did a fine job and wish him the best in the future.”

January 18, 1964

• The Bulldogs came from behind in the final quarter to down Chehalis 64 to 61 in a fierce-fought West Central League last night in Chehalis. Dennis Frizzell, 6-4 center, led all scorers with 24 points, while Tom Dixon contributed 17 and Tom Conley 13.

• A fired-up Aberdeen High School quintet shocked the state’s No. 1 ranked Hudson’s Bay Eagles by out-playing the previously unbeaten Vancouver school from beginning to end and came away with a highly-prized 44 to 43 conquest in Vancouver last night.

A partisan crowd of around 3,500 fans including one loyal band off a rooter bus from Aberdeen, watched an iron man crew of Bobcats nose out the high-flying Eagles on a game-winning layin by Paul Ross with just 20 seconds remaining. Ross and Steve Penttila led the ‘Cats with 12 points, John Vlastelica added 10, Don Yakovich had 8 and Ed Fleming, 3 points.

January 19, 1964

Sunday, no newspaper published.

25 years ago

January 17, 1989

The H&H Body Shop, one of a number of buildings on the City of Aberdeen’s aging landmark list, was demolished Monday. City officials had notified the owner, David Hayes of Aberdeen, in November of the results of a Seattle masonry expert’s inspection of downtown buildings. The expert recommended that Hayes’ building at 100 W. State St., be torn down, saying it was structurally weak and could collapse.

January 18, 1989

“Three-quarter games,” Dave Polk observed sadly, “don’t count.”

Polk’s Hoquiam Grizzlies led through three periods last night at Sam Benn Gym — by as many as 11 — then saw Aberdeen turn it on in the final 5 1/2 minutes and pull out a 54-46 Black Hills League victory. The Bobcats ran off nine unanswered points in a 1:50 stretch of the fourth quarter and stayed out in front the rest of the way.

Mark Nations, David Proctor and Eric Thwaites combined for the nine points that turned the tide. The same trio had 15, 12 and 10 respectively for the game.

January 19, 1989

Mirroring provisions of a contract signed by county courthouse union employees, non-union workers and most elected officials have been given a 5 percent increase in their salary and benefit package for 1989.

Steward Meneffe, county prosecutor, will receive $58,455; Rod Herling, human services director, $41,609 and Sheriff Dennis Morrisette, $41,609. The county commissioners were not part of the new salary schedule and will not receive a salary increase until 1990, remaining at $40,448 this year.

Compiled by Karen Barkstrom from the archives of The Daily World.


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