In 1989, Dorsches to perform in Hoquiam in celebration of state’s centennial

75 years ago

January 6, 1939

Pilchard activity in Hoquiam was brisk last season if the number of openings of Hoquiam river bridges is any indication, tenders on the Simpson Avenue and Eighth Street bridges said today.

In August and September the height of the pilchard season here, the two bridges opened more times than attendants can recall in recent years. More than 30 boats passed through the Simpson Avenue Bridge in a single day while the Eighth Street span turned 53 times in a single day. The Eighth Street bridge opened 747 times in August and 529 times in September while the Simpson Avenue jack-knifed 508 times in August and 259 the next month.

January 7, 1939

Aberdeen Bobcats, paced by lanky Bill Mattson, outscored a fast Shelton high school five, 26 to 19, last night on the Miller court to mark up the first victory in the northern division, Southwest Washington basketball conference.

Two upsets marked league play in other cities. Raymond’s highly touted Seagulls edged out a favored Olympia Bear quintet, 35-33 while Montesano upset Elma 22-20.

50 years ago

January 6, 1964

It was take-off time Friday for Garred Giles, 22, South Bend, who boarded a plane in New York on his way to a 21-month Peace Corps assignment in Bogota, Colombia. He is one of a team of 49 persons who will study the way television is used in Colombian schools. He will be paid $120 a month, roughly the equivalent of the pay a college professor in Colombia gets.

January 7, 1964

Working your way from the tailgate of a fire engine to the office of Aberdeen fire chief involves more hard work and dedication than glory.

That’s about the way that the two men who did it, Royce Waldrep and Louie Larson, evaluate their long careers of preventing and putting out fires.

Waldrep is retiring as fire chief as of Jan. 15 to assume a position as fire marshal for the Simpson Timber Co. at Shelton. Larson steps up the same date to the chief’s position.

“A person has to be dedicated or he wouldn’t last a week,” retiring Chief Waldrep was saying at the fire station. “There’s no glamour — just hard work. It looks glamorous from the outside, but not from the inside.”

25 years ago

January 6, 1989

• With Washington State celebrating its 100th birthday this year, an official centennial concert featuring Harbor singers Glenn and Dotty Dorsch is set for Jan. 28 at the 7th Street Theatre in Hoquiam. The Dorsches have been singing together for over 22 years, beginning at Purdue University campus coffee houses. They are versatile contemporary singers who write much of the music they perform.

They recently produced a well received album, “The Mountain’s Out,” featuring music about the Pacific Northwest.

• Adrianne Doyle scored 19 of her 28 points in the second quarter to ignite Elma to a 73-27 hammering of Capital in a Black Hills League girls’ basketball game Thursday night. Doyle also finished with 15 rebounds and four steals. Shadel Carter chipped in with 20 points for the winners.

January 7, 1989

“If you don’t find a bird, that’s great. Be happy, because that just means things are getting better,” a volunteer organizer told North River students preparing to look for oiled seabirds.

But in less than 90 minutes, the 19 students had picked up 61 dead and two live birds on a 10-mile stretch of the coast that an organizer said was combed daily.

“I was bummed out because I had to be out there,” said Patti Jo Watson, 16. “It was fun to be at the beach, yeah, but the reason I had to be out there wasn’t very cool because of the oil spill and the birds and all. It was sad. When I saw my bird, I hurt for all the girds for the (suffering) they had to go through.”

Compiled by Karen Barkstrom from the archives of The Daily World.


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