Looking Back — Rubinstein’s clothing store

A line of women wait to get in to the Rubinstein’s clothing store “quitting business” sale on Oct. 8, 1959. Rubinstein’s was located on the 200 block of East Wishkah in Aberdeen between the Hotel Grey and the National Bank of Commerce building. This short block was also home to Messingale & Rosevear Music, Montgomery Ward catalog store, Brian’s office suppy store and Moe Printing Company. Today only the Hotel Grey building (on which you can still see the distinctive diamond trim at the top) and the Bank building (now home to Wiitamaki Jewelers) still stand. Rosevear’s Music (sans Messingale) moved a number of times and is now in business at 110 E. Wishkah. If you have more information on this photo or others from this feature, visit www.jonesphotocollection.com and submit it via the website’s feedback form.


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