World Gone By 12/24

75 years ago

December 23, 1938

• Approximately 35 boys of St. Mary’s parochial school in Hoquiam will be guests of the James T. Quigg council, Knights of Columbus, at a father and son party tonight at the A.O.U.W. hall, Grand Knight Paul Globensky said today.

Ray Finch is in charge of the party honoring St. Mary’s gridders. Bob DuGay will give a weight lifting demonstration and the Richardson brothers will box.

• Jordan’s Food Store at 1701 Simpson Ave. in Aberdeen is advertising Saturday specials — 2 lbs of butter for $.61, a 3-lb. can of Crisco for $.51, a box of Japanese oranges for $.59 and bananas for 5¢ a pound.

December 24, 1938

• Crowds milled joyously in the streets of Munich as the big four conference ended in the early hours of Sept. 30, Lester Carlson, Aberdeen High School graduate and University of Washington student, said here today. The crowd felt, without knowing, that war had been averted, and showed their joy without restraint. The German people expected and feared a war, Carlson said. They did not want war.

Carlson was there when the strong men of Europe — Hitler, Mussolini, Chamberlain and Daladier — traded together on the Sudeten issue and the partition of Czechoslovakia, which the whole world feared would plunge Europe into war.

• Lights of approximately 100 permanent Quinault residents will be lighted by electricity for Christmas, officials of the Quinault Light company announced. Homes of summer residents will wait until those of permanent residents are wired, it was reported.

50 years ago

December 23, 1963

• Port Commissioners are preparing to launch a campaign for additional permanent longshoremen to handle the tempestuous swell of Grays Harbor shipping. The contemplated action follows studies and private reports of alleged chronic longshore gang shortages at the Harbor’s eight general cargo berths. They consider the present authorization of 10 permanent longshore gangs too few to handle the current port shipping volume.

• A determined Aberdeen basketball quintet put the stopper on a Raymond 6-game winning streak by handing the Seagulls a 54 to 45 defeat Saturday night in Raymond.

As the game play became more and more competitive, the crowd booed officials when a foul was called against the Seagulls and cheered when a Bobcat was tagged for an infraction. At one point Seagull coach Bob Aubert rose to halt the booing. Another time Aberdeen Coach Jim Savitz called on an official to halt a fan’s heckling of the Bobcat bench.

December 24, 1963

The building that once served as the Hoquiam hospital has come to a sorry pass, according to a Hoquiam City Council report. Long used for apartments, the structure at 606 K St. has become an object of concern to city fathers and officials, especially from health, fire and sanitation viewpoints.

The report noted that the odor of liquid petroleum gas is noticeable in many rooms and that no vents exist for this type of heating facility.

25 years ago

December 23, 1988

• An 18-mile fuel oil slick from a barge that sustained a gash in a collision just off Grays Harbor this morning was making its way toward the North Beaches.

The spill occurred about midnight after a tugboat out of Oregon collided with the 300-foot barge it was towing.

• Possibly even Raymond didn’t expect the payback to be so immediate and so exact. Charging back from a 15-point second half deficit to avenge a previous, similarly-fashioned, loss, the Seagulls overhauled Ocosta, 72-66, in a non-league boys’ basketball game Thursday night.

December 24, 1988

Fuel oil from a damaged tanker barge off Grays Harbor began washing ashore in Ocean Shores Friday, prompting authorities to close the beach on the North Jetty.

About 50 oil-soaked birds have washed up or floundered ashore, according to the state Department of Ecology. Rescue teams were being mobilized Friday afternoon in an attempt to save the animals. Officials say the impact on marine wildlife is likely to worsen.

Compiled by Karen Barkstrom from the archives of The Daily World.


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