World Gone By 12/31

75 years ago

December 30, 1938

• Valuable gifts await Grays Harbor’s first 1939 son or daughter.

Cooperating in the Aberdeen World’s annual Baby Derby, 28 Aberdeen and Hoquiam merchants have donated prizes ranging from certified milk to high chairs, crib mattresses and merchandise gift bonds.

To be eligible, the attending physician must attest the hour of birth and full data must be submitted to The World.

• Kanny Blumberg’s field goal, early in the overtime period, gave a visiting Aberdeen basketball quintet a 29-27 victory over the Kelso Highlanders last night.

Sam Elway accounted for nine points to lead the Bobcats but the scoring star of the game was Kelso’s John Klockner who hit the hoop for 17 counters.

December 31, 1938

• Hundreds of tons of rock at noon today crashed upon Wishkah Boulevard, Aberdeen’s eastern entrance, narrowly missing one car and blocking all traffic. Loosened from the high bluff, the slide plunged five feet deep across the highway onto the sidewalk on the southside. One huge boulder larger than an automobile and weighing approximately 10 tons landed in the middle of the pavement.

Traffic is being detoured via Sargent Boulevard, Aberdeen’s old entrance, which is passable but dangerously muddy and narrow.

• Fifteen members of the Grays Harbor Motorcycle Club are expected to take part in the annual New Year’s Day cross-country endurance run Monday. The course will take the competitors over nearly 250 miles of all kinds of roads. A 40-mile-an-hour average speed must be maintained to receive perfect ratings from the officials. Checking stations will be set up at Raymond, Chehalis, White Star and several places unknown to the cyclists.

50 years ago

December 30, 1963

A highlight for Stuart Polson of Aberdeen on his recent tour of the South Pacific was a visit to Terramungamie sheep station (ranch) 280 miles northwest of Sydney, Australia.

Polson was one of 17 American travelers who divided 67 days among Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, Fiji and New Guinea.

December 31, 1963

Harborites are all set for a gala New Year’s celebration. In private clubs, in restaurants, in homes and in churches, they will bid adieu with some regret and some relief to a year that has brought joy as well as tragedy, contentment as well as heartbreak.

For those who prefer a night on the town, authorities are permitting an extra hour of tippling, by extending the regular 2 a.m. closing to 3 a.m. at clubs, cocktail lounges and taverns.

25 years ago

December 30, 1988

Flames raced through a two-story home in west Aberdeen Thursday, forcing three children to flee through a back door. No one was injured but the home of Dale McKee on W. 5th was heavily damaged, firefighters said. “I was asleep and the next thing I knew my sister was jumping on my waterbed to wake me up,” said 18-year-old Patrick McKeen, an Aberdeen High School senior. Smoke was everywhere.

Patrick, his 15 year-old brother Tim and 8-year-old sister Sarah, ran to a neighbor’s house and called authorities and then their parents.

December 31, 1988

• State officials and Red Cross volunteers say they’re having a difficult time finding rooms for people who come from out of town to help clean oil-soaked birds. Additionally, the response earlier this week was so overwhelming that coordinators asked many would-be volunteers to consider returning later. Bird scrubbers must be trained before experts in Ocean Shores will allow them to handle the frightened and fragile animals.

About 2,400 oil-soaked birds have been found dead or floundered ashore after a tanker barge spilled an 18-mile slick of fuel oil off the mouth of Grays Harbor nine days ago.

• Chuck Greninger of Aberdeen became the first angler in state history to become a two-time winner of the “Sports Afield” award for catching the year’s largest native buck steelhead in Washington. Greninger also earned the honor in 1986.

Compiled by Karen Barkstrom from the archives of The Daily World.


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