World Gone By 2/1

75 years ago

January 31, 1939

Vean Gregg, Hoquiam cigar store owner and former major league pitcher, saw many a thrilling slide during his years in the “big time” but none to equal one executed by his six-year-old son. While traveling at a 50-miles-an-hour clip on the highway just east of Montesano, the boy opened a back door latch of the car, the door flew open causing Vean Jr. to fly through the air and land on the wet grass beside the pavement. For more than 20 yards he slid and skidded on the seat of his trousers.

Gregg, horrified, braked the car but was able to see the entire action in the rear view mirror. When he rushed to his son’s side he found he was unharmed except for two small scratches on his chin. The ex-big leaguer watched Ty Cobb slide into second base many times but claims Vean Jr. put the “old master” to shame.

February 1, 1939

Attorney Theodore Bruener started a lively controversy lately when he reported that he had seen two coyotes near Pilgrim Heights. Two schools of thought quickly developed, one saying “yes” and the other saying “no” to the presence of the critters in Grays Harbor. Jim Mahaffey, Elks Club employee who lies in the Wishkah Valley, proved that the critters actually do exist in the county when he brought in a photo showing him holding the coyote he shot near his home.

February 2, 1939

Lumber and shipping activity on Willapa Harbor will be at the highest point in more than a year with resumption of operations Monday by Mill 1 of the Willapa Harbor Lumber Mills. The mill has been down since November and will be the second of the firm’s Willapa Harbor mills to reopen. The firm’s logging camps 4 and 5 resumed work Wednesday. The company now has about 1,200 men employed in the mills and camps.

• Elma rudely bounced the Aberdeen Bobcats out of the top position in the northern division, Southwest Washington basketball conference by handing the Blue and Gold cagers a 29-25 beating last night on the Eagles’ home court.

Musgrove was the offensive star for the winners. The tow-headed guard connected for six field goals and two foul shots while Hink added nine for Elma.

50 years ago

January 31, 1964

Miller Junior High’s Bobkittens won their 20th straight basketball game smothering Centralia 53 to 11 behind a brilliant 28 points from Walt Failor Jr. yesterday.

Failor played what Coach Bob Basich termed “the best game of his junior high career, making 11 of his 15 shots, going six for six and the foul line and grabbing 10 rebounds.

February 1, 1964

Highlighted by two very nearly brilliant performances, the Driftwood Players’ production of “Anastasia” played to an almost capacity audience last night at the Driftwood Playhouse in Cosmopolis. Ably directed by Valentine Pearson and Beverley Ball, the entire cast performed creditably to give the playgoers an enjoyable evening of theater.

But it was with Pamela Turk as Anna Bonin and Irene Bralens as the Dowager Empress that the heights of real drama were reached. Jane Mezera brought some comedy relief to the drama in her role as the fluttery Baroness Livenbaum.

February 2, 1964

Sunday, no newspaper published

25 years ago

January 31, 1989

• A seven-person delegation from Grays Harbor is in Washington, D.C. today armed with petitions signed by thousands of Harborites protesting the Forest Service’s plan to reduce federal timber sales on the Olympic Peninsula.

Members of the delegation include Werner Mayr, Don Clothier, Cliff Muller, T.J. Spradlin, Leroy Tipton, Bob Worrell and Mike McKean.

• For the second time in 13 months the Seahawks are raising the price of their tickets which will now sell for $19, $25, $29 and $35 each.

February 1, 1989

Grays Harbor County’s two district courts were busier in 1988 than the previous year with increases in most offenses, including at 25 percent jump in drunken driving-related cases.

Overall, including traffic tickets, there were 10,639 cases filed in the district courts at Montesano and Aberdeen. That’s 807 more than 1987 fillings, an 8.2 percent increase.

February 2, 1989

• Aberdeen police are dashing through the snow on a pair of all-terrain scooters. The 4-wheel-drive ATVs allow the police access to icy roads that patrol cars have been unable to traverse.

“We’ll be using them for emergency calls only,” said Chief Bill Ellis, “when we need to get an officer to an area like the Bel Aire hill, for example, where our patrol cars — even those equipped with chains — can’t make it.”

The ATVs have been loaned to the department by Reiner’s Harbor Honda &Gun Rack in Aberdeen. The department also was loaned a 4-wheel drive truck by the Red Ralls auto dealership in South Aberdeen.

The blast of arctic air that blew into the Pacific Northwest earlier this week dropped six to eight inches of snow on the Twin Harbors.

• “Maynard who?” the high school band members chorused when band director Michael Alstad said he would like to bring Maynard Ferguson to Aberdeen.

Several of the young musicians knew about the jazz great and after listening to a few recordings, the majority of the group grew excited about the possibility of the concert.

The Aberdeen jazz band is made up of high school students of all ages, but their common thread is their love of music.

At a recent rehearsal of the jazz band there was a feeling of high energy among the group. “We’re doing a lot more outside practicing,” one freshman sax player said.

“There’s so many feelings about this experience it’s hard to know where to start,” said Todd Wellington.

Colby Hubbler, a trumpet player, said, “Just thinking about playing with him is hard to believe.”

Compiled by Karen Barkstrom from the archives of The Daily World.


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