World Gone By 2/6

75 years ago

February 5, 1939

Sunday, no newspaper published

February 6, 1939

Three Grays Harbor logging outfits were set for resumption of operations today on a curtailed basis. The M&B company put between 80 and 100 men to work in its Johns River camp, Schafer Brothers sent some 70 men back into the Olympics while the Polson company was said to have sent cutting crews to camp No. 14 and construction men to another camp.

50 years ago

February 5, 1964

The coroner’s report on Alan Ladd’s death was terse, clinical and cold. It listed the cause of death last Wednesday as cerebral edema — a swelling of the brain by fluids. “The combination of alcohol, seconal, Librium and Sparine produced together the total effects the depressants had on the central nervous system with the high level of alcohol being the major factor.”

February 6, 1964

Aberdeen High School’s swimmers split a double dual meet with the Longview schools yesterday. Coach Leonard Lawr of AHS said colder water than the Bobcats are accustomed to, influenced their showing.

Capturing first place for Aberdeen against Mark Morris were Ed Dahlstrom in the 100 yard backstroke, Frank Rupert in the 50 and 100 yard freestyle, Bruce Kolts in the 100 yard flystroke and the medley team of Dahlstrom, Steve Walker, Kolts and Tom Marrs.

25 years ago

February 5, 1989

A ice-blocked water supply that nearly killed a crop of trout eggs and fish at Lake Aberdeen will cost ITT Rayonier’s pulp mill in Hoquiam at least $100,000 in losses, a company spokesman said.

When the water supply for the fish hatchery and mill was interrupted by ice Friday, many pipes froze at the mill and a lot of complicated systems were shut down abruptly, Wendy Pugnetti of the company’s Seattle office, said.

Will we be talking about the big chill of 1989 in 20 years? Maybe. But more likely, old-timers have been telling their grandchildren over the last few days about the winter of 1950 when the worst blizzard so far this century assaulted Grays Harbor and the Northwest on Friday, Jan. 13.

The temperature and snowfall records set that month remain unbroken in many places in Western Washington — including a 6-degree day on Grays Harbor. On Feb. 5, the domestic water line was frozen and the reservoir was empty. A decaying, exposed, ice-clogged wooden water line had broken. Over the next few days, it broke in more than a dozen places and water flow into Aberdeen’s million gallon set of reservoirs at Fairview Heights had slowed to a trickle.

The mills were shut down and Mayor Ed Lundgren announced that anyone caught with their faucets dripping would be “arrested, fined and punished.”

February 6, 1989

James A. Boora, newly elected president of Aberdeen Federal Savings &Loan Association, has assumed “full managerial duties” from retiring president Harold G. Johnson, according to an announcement by the board of directors.

Johnson, who has been with the association since 1949, will continue as chairman of the board.

Boora, a native of Aberdeen and an Aberdeen High School graduate, has been with Aberdeen Federal since 1971. He is a graduate of Central Washington University, the Institute of Financial Education, the Savings and Loan Institute’s School for Executive Development and the Graduate School for Savings and Loans at Indiana University.

Cold they are. Quitters they aren’t.

Two Aberdeen firewood dealers, John Bradshaw and Larry Bossard are working almost every day in the frozen woods in a futile effort to meet all the orders from Harborites who got caught with empty woodboxes after the snowstorm hit.

“If you could deliver 100 cord a day, it wouldn’t be enough,” said Bossard.

In this weather the friendly competitors say they can only cut and deliver two cords a day — and orders are backed up till March. Each runs classified ads in the newspaper stating the price is $55 to $65 a cord. Desperate customers are offering up to $100 a cord, “But I can’t take that,” Bradshaw said. “We thought about it, but steady customers is what is going to keep you going.”

Compiled by Karen Barkstrom from the archives of The Daily World.


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