World Gone By 3/6

75 years ago

March 5, 1939

Sunday, no newspaper published

March 6, 1939

Schafer plant No. 4 this morning joined Grays Harbor’s chorus of mill whistles to start machinery, idle since November 1937. The plant started with one shift in the sawmill and within a few days will add more men in the planer department and on the planer drop as soon as enough lumber is on hand.

50 years ago

March 5, 1964

The George Marx family is living in a new, low-rent home on Pacific Ave., owned by the Housing Authority of Grays Harbor. George met his future wife while he stationed in England during World War II. Returning to the states, he worked in the Pennsylvania steel mills for 19 years. After being diagnosed with cancer, the family moved to the Harbor because of the lower cost of living. The family includes 16 children ages 18 months to 18 years old — 15 of them still in the family home and the oldest serving in the U.S. Navy.

While George looks for a painting or other light jobs, the family would welcome donations of a davenport, dishes, chairs and bunk beds.

March 6, 1964

Some 40 employees of Pearson’s Store entertained at a cocktail hour and dinner Saturday night at the Morck Hotel in honor of R.E. Oestrich, who is retiring after 49 years in the retail business. Mr. and Mrs. Oestreich will continue to make their home in Aberdeen. Their immediate plans include a trip to Europe in the near future.

25 years ago

March 5, 1989

• Tall Ships lead shipwright Rick Miles has been as nervous as a soon-to-be new father in recent days.

Frank Silvan, the Aberdeen contractor who volunteered to move the 105-foot Lady Washington, worked steadily Saturday to roll her toward the water from the womb-like building where she grew to some 100 tons. “He’s delivering my baby. That’s what he’s doing,” Miles said.

The “baby” is a $1.5 million ship that has been growing for 18 months. It’s due date is Tuesday. She’s to be christened and launched into the Wishkah River at high tide, 12:53 p.m., to be exact.

• The Raymond Lady Gulls won their first State B girls basketball championship ever last night, downing Mossyrock, 56-44, before a large crowd at the Spokane Coliseum. The victory closed out a perfect 26-0 season for the Gull girls, who topped the state B ranking all season long.

Valley’s Vikings, who were the Gull girls’ semifinal foes at both district and state, took home the sixth-place trophy.

Ronalda Dunn, who’s now the overwhelming favorite for the tourney MVP honors that will be announced today, led the Gull girls with 22 points, 8 rebounds, 4 assists and one steal. Katrina Moudy, the 6-0 senior center, tallied 15 and Dianna Stritmatter, senior forward, added 14 points and a huge 19 rebounds.

March 6, 1989

Three years ago, Tom Quigg scoffed at the notion of building a tall ship on Grays Harbor. “If that boat is ever built, I’ll jump off the poop deck!” he joked one morning as a group of Harbor businessmen gathered for coffee.

His bluff has been called. Now the lifelong Harborite is asking, “Does anyone have a 200-year-old bathing suit?”

Right after the Lady Washington is launched tomorrow, Quigg, 46 in 1989, is going to be up to his neck in the chilly Chehalis River.

Compiled by Karen Barkstrom from the archives of The Daily World.


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