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Wife with wandering husband must track down legal advice

Dear Abby: I’m nearly 100 percent sure my husband is cheating on me. I tracked him a couple of times using the GPS on his phone and saw he wasn’t where he told me he would be. I know he has a female acquaintance who lives in the general area of where he was, so I did a little investigating. Sure enough, she lives exactly where he was. I don’t know whether to confront him now, or wait to try to catch him at her house so there will be no denying it.

Dani the corgi needs a loving home

If your idea of a perfect companion is quiet, cute and covered in fur, Dani is your girl. Waiting for you at PAWS of Grays Harbor, she’s 12 years old and the sweetest, quietest dog you’ll meet. She’ll stay by your side, but she won’t alert you to any danger with a loud bark. Little Dani has been surgically debarked. What she lacks in voice, she makes up for with heart. Corgis are the queen’s dog of choice and Dani deserves to be treated like royalty. She won’t require a lot of exercise, merely a daily walk. Dani would appreciate a place on the cushiest corner of your sofa. If the perfect match for Dani step forward, the great folks at PAWS have decided to waive her adoption fee. She’ll need a companion or a family who is willing to take on the responsibilities that come with adopting a senior, barkless dog. You’ll be rewarded with soft, cuddly hugs and Dani’s lifelong gratitude.

McCleary Musican earns international cred

McCleary’s own Brittany Kingery just picked up a number of Trop Rock Music Award nominations in the categories of Best Vocalist, Best Album and Best Song for “Tequila Talking”. Here, she’s recording at Exit 104 Media Studio in Olympia. Expect a new album from this local artist in the summer of 2016. Trop Rock is a genre of music combining Rock ‘n’ Roll, Country and Caribbean that extols a laid-back way of life. The 8th Annual Trop Rock Music Award winners will be announced at the Nov. 5 ceremony in Key West, Fla. Catch Kingery’s last Washington show this year (before she snowbirds to Mexico) at Just Left Pub and Grill in Lynnwood on Sunday, Aug. 23.

Teen needs advice on contraception

Dear Abby: In my family alone, three young women have — by their own admission — gotten pregnant on purpose to get their boyfriends to marry and support them. None of these marriages worked out. The horrible relationships were and still are hurtful and damaging, not only to the children, but also to the rest of the family. I’m aware of several other women who have admitted to entrapping their baby daddy by “forgetting to take their pills,” so I know this isn’t just happening in my family.