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Local Filmmakers invited to meet

Filmies, your support network is arriving. Local filmmakers who shoot their features, shorts, webseries or any other cinematic ventures in Grays Harbor County are invited to an informal meet and greet with the leadership from Washington Filmworks.

Gluten-free baking class just in time for the holidays

You’ve probably seen it everywhere; gluten-free everything has taken over the world. Unless you’re allergic to the little protein that causes those with celiac disease to react, then it doesn’t register for you. However, for those who do have celiac disease (a severe allergy to anything made from the Triticeae family of plants, including wheat, barley and rye) finding delicious meals can be a lifesaver.

Book Review: The story of extraordinary women who blossomed in the Southwest

In May 1903, Natalie Curtis stepped into the Arizona heat for the first time. She was accompanied by her brother George, who’d been working in the region as a ranch hand. They came from a wealthy New York family and like many vaguely unwell Easterners, had been told to head to the dry Southwest for their health. Both recovered, and Natalie found something more: a calling.

Spring musical auditions song list

Singers, warm up your voices. Auditions for the male and female leads in the Bishop Center’s spring musical “Mary Poppins” are this weekend — Oct. 3 &4 — and the center has announced the songs they’d like their potential stars to be prepared to sing.

Game review: Raiding on the ‘GO’ with Lara Croft

Last year, the Square Enix Montreal studio crafted one of the biggest surprises to enter the mobile gaming space. “Hitman GO” could have easily been a cynical cash-in filled with maddening free-to-play purchases, but instead, it wound up being one of the most innovative games to hit a mobile platform. Now Square Enix Montreal is looking to work that same magic on the Tomb Raider franchise with “Lara Croft GO.” While the visual aesthetic isn’t quite the same, this game feels like it retains the best elements of last year’s efforts, while also offering up some intriguing new twists.