Hobbies: Countdown to Easter

I love advent calendars which made me wonder why I only see them for Christmas. Why not create one for all of the holidays that you like to celebrate? I made one to countdown the days until Easter and it was both quick and easy.

Instead of dying eggs, I started by die cutting 20 3-D cubes from pastel colored card stock.

Attach the boxes into rows of graduated lengths with double-stick tape, being careful to position all of the boxes with the lids facing out.

Reinforce the structure with a ribbon tied in a bow at the peak of the columns. Number each box lid until you get to Easter (April 20 this year) and occasionally switch out the numbers for Easter themed embellishments made from stickers, die cuts and punches.

Once the calendar is constructed it’s fun to fill the boxes with all kinds of small treats like chocolate eggs, stickers, pencil erasers and coins. Your kids and grandkids are sure to get excited to see what treats they will find each day. In fact if they really enjoy it, why not enlist their help in making advent calendars to countdown the days for things like summer vacation and birthdays as well as other holidays throughout the year?

Young kids will find it helpful to calculate the days remaining ‘til Easter by opening the appropriate box each day.

While the older kids may not need help in figuring out the number of days until the holiday, they are certain to love the special treats they will find each day.


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