Make It: From cardboard bottle carrier to colorful centerpiece

You can add pizzazz to a tabletop with few flowers and a cardboard bottle carrier wrapped in colorful wrapping paper. The bottles serve as vases.

I used a carrier from a four-pack of artisan tea. Drinking the drink first is the fun part. Then wash the bottles, peel off the labels and set them aside.

Wrapping the carrier is a bit trickier. The bottom and body of the box wraps just like a gift box, with wrapping paper and tape. Where it gets fiddly is around the upper part of the carrier sides and the handle.

Once the bottom of the box was folded, wrapped and taped, I worked on the top area of the carrier by folding, snipping and taping the wrapping paper on the inside of carrier to cover the triangle-shaped sides.

The handle was wrapped separately with a neatly folded piece of wrapping paper the width of the handle and secured wiwth tape. Done.

Pop in the bottles and head outside to pick enough flowers to fill all four bottles.

This is perfect for the middle of a dining room table and a great way to bring those summer blooms into your home, without breaking the bank.


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