World Gone By 5/31

75 years ago

May 30, 1939

• More than 1,000 tickets to the Business Builders mass mixer Monday night, designed to acquaint Harbor working men with “aims and ideals” of the new order seeking industrial revival here, have been sold. Captains and squad leaders of the new group reported the tickets are being “snapped up” by members, each of whom will have a Harbor working man as his guest at the mixer.

May 31, 1939

The Aberdeen Bobcat baseball nine wound up its 1939 season in royal style yesterday by hammering the Longview Lumberjacks for a pair of victories at the Hoquiam Olympic Stadium. The scores were 3-1 and 6-1.

The first game counted in the league standings and gave the Cats second place, below the undefeated Shelton club.

Bill Wilson was in top form and allowed but four hits while striking out 14 to win the first game for the Cats. Longview failed to score until the ninth frame which gave Wilson 39 consecutive scoreless innings.

June 1, 1939

Grays Harbor still is best, Mrs. Roy Bush of the Aberdeen Federal Savings &Loan Association said today as she recounted the wonders of a 10,000-mile trip in 28 states, Canada and Mexico by train in 22 days during which she and Mr. Bush visited both world fairs. They visited Chicago, Niagara Falls and the New York World’s Fair, then on to Washington, D.C., New Orleans, El Paso, Mexico, Los Angeles, Fresno, Yosemite and San Francisco where they took in the second fair.

The best part of the trip, Mrs. Bush said, was coming “over the hill” into Grays Harbor.

50 years ago

May 30, 1964

• Forty-one years of teaching Hoquiam youngsters will be concluded by Miss Florence Baker of the Junior High School next week.

She has spent 32 years in the junior high teaching English as her main subject. Prior to that she taught at Central Elementary School. As Girls League advisor “for as long as it has existed here,” she guided the league in preparations for mothers’ teas, coronations and school dances.

• In the biggest fishing weekend of the sports salmon fishing season thus far this year, 219 boats crossed the Grays Harbor bar out of Westport this morning. Coast Guardsmen counted 79 charter boats, 13 pleasure craft, 41 outboards and 86 commercial vessels leaving before 9 a.m.

May 31, 1964

Sunday, no newspaper published.

June 1, 1964

For 4 1/2 hours Saturday 20 Aberdeen firemen battled the kind of blaze that requires the time and attention of a spectacular fire.

The nine regulars and 11 “off-duty” firefighters ate smoke most of the afternoon to put out a fire in a barn-sized, four-story fuel bin at Evans Harbor Plywood near the Port Dock.

Smoke inside the fuel bin was so thick that firemen didn’t use lights,” because it was so dense you couldn’t see the light if you had them.”

Only a few of the firemen could wear smoke masks as the department doesn’t have enough to go around.

Chief Louie Larson noted that the off-duty firemen responded immediately as they always do, right in the middle of the Memorial Day weekend.

To allow the Aberdeen Fire Department to dispatch its five trucks and two station wagons to the scene, the Cosmopolis Volunteer Fire Department sent a truck to Aberdeen for standby. The Montesano Volunteer Fire Department, in turn, sent a truck to Cosmopolis.

25 years ago

May 30, 1989

• The 8th Street Landing, cornerstone of Hoquiam’s waterfront revitalization, will be dedicated Friday afternoon. The landing includes a shoreside dock area and a 70-foot walkway leading to a handsome observation platform. It was built on the buttress of the old 8th Street Bridge.

“I think it’s great,” said Mayor Phyllis Shrauger. “It’s a real addition. I went down and walked through it again the other night. Can’t you just see it with hanging baskets?”

There’ll be a whole lotta music going on Thursday and Friday when the award-winning Aberdeen High School choirs present “American Pop III,” a revue of popular American music from the 1920s to the ’60s.

May 31, 1989

North River students’ artistic talents have been recognized in two poster contests again this spring.

In the Mr. Yuk poster competition, Michelle Osbekoff, took second place in the fifth grade division and Keith Fitzpatrick took second place in the third grade. Each child received a camera.

In another contest, Light Habersetzer was recently honored by Gov. Booth Gardner for submitting the “most outstanding” DARE (drug abuse resistance education) poster in Pacific County.

June 1, 1989

Sporting a black jacket emblazoned with a red-light patch, Tori Kovach of Aberdeen asked the City Council Wednesday to help bring the city’s bawdy past into the open.

Kovach’s jacket is embroidered on the back with the slogan “Aberdeen Historical Whorehouse Restoration Society.” It’s one of only a few being sported by enthusiasts who think the city can capitalize on the history surrounding its notorious red light district that once existed near the waterfront.

Kovach’s fellow enthusiasts include Bronco Tesia, owner of the Liberty Tavern and known for his collection of Harbor historical artifacts and Mike Rajcich of Aberdeen.

“We do not seek to glorify prostitution, but to promote Aberdeen, its history and its business,” said Kovach.

Kovach, however, didn’t get a chance to finish his presentation to the council last night. He was sidetracked by Councilman Lee Tolomei who demanded to know, “How many museums do we need? We have one now.”

Compiled from the archives of The Daily World by Karen Barkstrom


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