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Little Lucky seeks gentle, quiet home

Lucky is an eight year old Chihuahua. She’s little and feisty. She was born with a condition called Cerebellar Degeneration. This has left her quite uncoordinated, and if she ends up on her back she needs help getting up. She can handle a few steps very well. She’s had some dental issues which lead to her having quite a few teeth extracted.

The Senior Nutrition Program, conducted by the Coastal Community Action Program, regularly serves lunches at noon at:

Ocean Shores Art Walk

Walk with the artists of the North Beach Artists Guild and the artists at The Gallery of Ocean Shores. The groups welcome all to the Third Saturday Art Walk on Jan. 16. From noon to 4 p.m. you can meet local artists and enjoy art, conversation, live music and refreshments.

On Saturday, Jan. 16, the Grays Harbor Music Teachers Association presents a scholarship fundraising concert welcoming back scholarship recipient Seth Hollen (“Phantom of the Opera”).

Frozen Sing-Along at the Bishop Center

Not everyone is gifted with the pipes of the Idina Menzel, but boy have we all belted out “Let it Go” at least once — admit it. This Saturday, you’re not only going to get the chance to get it off your chest one more time, but now you can do it in a room full of fellow belters.

Ask Nancy: Keep estate documents up-to-date

My husband has dementia. He has some very good and lucid days. Yet there are times when he becomes confused. I have a signed a durable Power Of Attorney that we had done in 2009. One of my friends told me that my POA is “null and void” because the laws have changed. Is she right? And if so, what should I do?

Adoptable Dog: Nemo’s limited senses and abundant potential

Nemo is a five month old, spayed, black lab mix. Loving and boisterous, but she’s got some very unique problems especially for an energetic dog. Nemo has a birth defect that has left her deaf — possibly in both ears — and blind in one eye. Though this will be a challenge to her training, she’s willing and very able to learn. She loves play and interaction and can track a tennis ball like there’s no tomorrow. She’s keeping her toes crossed that she will be accepted into the Freedom Tails training program at the Stafford Creek Corrections Center. Nemo is otherwise healthy and energetic. She responds well to tugs on her leash and hand signals. That is, she responds well for about two seconds. Her short term, puppy attention span then takes over and she’s off to pursue other adventures.