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Nothing New — Vagrants and the “tie-pass”

Back in the waning years of the 19th century when Aberdeen was growing into more than a muddy clearing and the timber trade was taking hold, it became a target for the lazy and indolent. At that time there were plenty of jobs available and little excuse to be unemployed which led in 1897 to the city fathers passing Ordinance 140 concerning vagrants and providing the punishment thereof.

Old world tradition clashes with new world diet change

Dear Abby: I have been dating my boyfriend, Mike, for about two years, and things are going great. During this time, I have become very close with his family. Both of his parents came to the United States from Europe, and with their culture comes his mother’s traditional cooking and the need to make sure everyone’s bellies are full.

Happy single man feels pressure from his friends

Dear Abby: I have never had a long-term relationship. My friends and family kept calling me out for it. I tried online dating and setups by friends and family, but nothing worked out. In fact, the constant questions only annoyed me more. With all my friends happily married and settled, I started resenting their intrusion into my life.

Nothing New — Going to the dogs

For no particular reason, it seems to be a good time to finally let this column go to the dogs with a series of random stories about man’s best friend. 1906 seems to have been an especially rough year on the Harbor for dogs and people (and trains and streetcars) to mix.