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Does number 3 hold special significance in Christianity?

The Rev. Penny Ellwood, Blue Springs campus pastor, United Methodist Church of the Resurrection: We have a human habit of looking for patterns of three. You hear people say all the time expressions like “three’s company” or conversely, “three’s a crowd” or “the third time’s the charm “or “bad news always comes in threes.”

Kids can be knuckleheads

Kids are little idiots, but it really isn’t their fault. Their brains aren’t fully cooked and some of their ideas can be down-right hare-brained. Every one of us did dopey things — often in the face of clear and direct warnings — that seemed like a “good” idea at the time but quickly went awry. Fortunately, the vast majority of the time the result was minimal damage to people or property, and did not require police intervention. Seeing how we are heading into summer vacation, here are some local tales of youthful indiscretions that can be used as warnings for the younger set. Will they listen? Probably not.