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Justice in Motion — Veterans Day: Why only a day?

As noted last column, October was Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Maybe November should be recognized as “Have You Thanked a Veteran” month. Between 2009-2013, the US Census reflects there were approximately 7,534 (of 70,818 pop., i.e., more than 9 percent) veterans in Grays Harbor County (Pacific 3,119 of 20,561 pop., i.e., more than 6.5 percent). Washington has the sixth largest percentage of veterans by state.

Mark Harvey — Be an advocate for them

In this line of work, I listen to a lot of stories, which is fine, because the only way to figure out how to attempt to “help” somebody is to listen to the story. Besides, I’m not in health care, so I don’t have to run somebody through every nine minutes. And getting to hear the stories is one of the perks that comes with this job; evidently, it’s supposed to substitute for money.

Nothing New — The Karshner’s shack

On Saturday, Oct. 17, 1903, 112 years ago, the residents of Aberdeen awoke to a town very different than it had been 24 hours earlier. It would become known as Black Friday, the day when fire swept through 14 blocks of the main commerce area. The central business district was still smoldering and acrid smoke hung in the air as the City Fathers met and began planning the future of Aberdeen.