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Up the Beach — Spring season filled with an abundance of dichotomies

What a dichotomy of a season spring is turning out to be. Clamming is open except when it isn’t. Salmon is pouring out of hatcheries, but you shouldn’t catch salmon. Roadside flowers are bursting into bloom, but you can’t see them because the grass allergies are making your eyes water. The sun is shining down warmly on the beach, but about all that is coming ashore for the combers is plastic junk. The deer population is out in force with sleek, pregnant mommas, but last year’s fawns look like someone has taken a thatching machine to them due to tremendous infestations of lice. Birds are twittering as they build nests, but the crows continue harassing the eagles.

Mark Harvey — Where are the politicians on “our” issues?

Ever vigilant and astute, I note that we seem to be rushing headlong into election season. (Well, OK, I guess we’ve been IN election season since infinity was invented.) It’s a prospect that many of us greet with the same unbridled enthusiasm that we normally reserve for ear aches and in-grown toenails, BUT, we are smart enough to know that, annoying as it all may be, it often has a direct effect on our lives.