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Mark Harvey — Why not celebrate love?

I have this “kinda, sorta” rule that says that I don’t write about any given holiday on any given holiday, because (a) a lot of other folks are usually already doing that, and probably doing it better, and (b) most of us are so sick of hearing about whatever-it-is by then that I don’t want to contribute to collective gagging.

Should I study the sacred texts of faiths other than my own?

Arvind Khetia, Hindu and an engineer: Now more than ever before, we are living in an environment where we come across people of different faiths. Ignorance about that faith can result in fear, hatred, intolerance and even violence. It is essential that one learns about other faiths, to foster an environment of understanding and mutual respect.

Justice in Motion — Be sure to get your tax credits!

As you should know by now, I write a column on taxes every January since that’s when we should all be starting to pull our paperwork together. If you have not done so before, be sure to take advantage of tax credits. In this community we have a lot of low- to moderate-income working families and individuals who qualify for some or all of these credits—many of whom fail to claim these credits. This is the time to mention to family, friends and neighbors they should look into this.

Mark Harvey — Help with some New Year’s resolutions

We made it. It’s 2016. Did you get that? 2016! If you’ve already written checks dated “2015,” be prepared to be contacted by people with absolutely no sense of humor. If you haven’t committed that particular faux pas, allow me to suggest some other mistakes you might enjoy avoiding — perhaps a bit more context would be helpful.