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Ten movies that looked at TV

Television is celebrating its diamond anniversary this month, but the movies have been exploring the medium’s facets for even longer. Here are 10 of the most bizarre and most brilliant depictions of the small screen on the big screen.

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Three PBS programs about animals premiere tonight

We’re animals, after all. Fish, birds, reptiles, dogs, even humans, part of the same family tree. Watch it grow in Wednesday night’s trio of eye-openers, mindblowers and tearjerkers, kicking off PBS’ weekly Think Wednesday “nature, science and technology” block.

“Deadbeat” on Hulu: Dueling mediums, man

Silly, broad, and goofy, “Deadbeat” is the perfect comedy for a streaming service like Hulu. You can run through all 10 episodes like a bag of chips, in one or two sittings. You’ll probably feel bloated afterward but you’ll enjoy scarfing them down.

“Captain America” characters charge into action — and daringly defy film relationship tropes

LOS ANGELES — When it comes to the superhero spy game, an easy facility with falsehood can get you far. Which helps explain the unlikely friendship that develops between Chris Evans’ unfailingly forthright patriotic hero and Scarlet Johansson’s ethically dubious operative in Marvel’s latest comic book adventure, “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.”