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A super chocolate suggestion

People were busy enjoying a sunny Super Chocoholic Sundae Sunday at Westport Winery this past weekend. The inagural event brought people out to Markham to sample chocolate, make ice cream sundaes, play oreo checkers, watch glass blowing, sample wine and listen to live music.

The Best Guacamole Ever

If you are looking for a great guacamole recipe for the festivities this weekend, we recommend this one. Considering the blue and green nature of this snack, every Seahawk table should include some variation of this smashed avocado appetizer.

It’s Hawku week

Get your blue and green on! We all know what week it is - especially if you happen to live in Hawkuiam. You have to appreciate the spirit Jack Durney, mayor of Hoquiam — excuse me, that is, Hawkuiam this week — for his town spirit. In our neck of the wooded Washington state, colors are flying over both harbors and spirits are high. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know well that the home team is once again in the championship.

Husband hopes wife is willing to spice up their love life

Dear Abby: My wife and I have been married for quite a while, and our intimate life became monotonous and unimaginative a long time ago. Over the years I have suggested we try things like role-playing and other non-extreme variations during intimate times. My suggestions were met with rolling eyes and retorts like, “I’m your wife, not a hooker.” I finally gave up and try to be content with what we have together.

Super Chocoholic Sundae

Super Chocoholic Sundae is happening at the Westport Winery today from Noon - 4 p.m. There will be chocolate checkers and an ice cream sundae competition judging at 2 p.m. Choose your favorite chocolate (colored) dog at 3 p.m. See some of your favorite local businesses including Nice Nuts, Mocha Medic and Amy’s Decadent Desserts, Opal Art Glass and music by Christine Hill and Ken Albert.

Contests and Promotions

Big Game Sweepstakes
Big Game Sweepstakes
Enter to Win a Seahawk game day prize package!

A Penny for your thoughts (and walks)

Penny is a 15 month old purebred black lab. Energetic and crazy Lab by day - lap dog by night. She’s looking for an active family whose home has a secure fence. While working on leash training and extending her short attention span, Penny has proven she’s willing and able to learn. Left to her own devices, boredom will turn her into a thief. This dog requires interaction and exercise. In return she will become your loyal friend. Penny’s got a crazy obsession with light and shadows. Quirky and amusing at first, this obsession may become an annoyance. She takes a little longer to warm up to men, but ended up in her male foster’s lap by day 3. Weighing in at 65 pounds, Penny is spayed and up to date on her shots. When introduced to a local, avid hunter he exclaimed, “Her head is GORGEOUS! Did you see that mouth?” Then added, “It’s big enough to hold a mallard.” Penny is available for adoption through Harbor Rescue. Please visit for an application. Or call 360-589-0109. Or visit .