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Couple deep in tax hole need help in climbing out

Dear Abby: I have just learned that my sister’s husband of 35 years (I’ll call him George) hasn’t filed their personal income taxes going back a number of years. This has caused a lot of stress and anxiety for my sister, who recently underwent breast cancer treatment. Apparently, he hasn’t filed because of his inability to organize. (His family has denial issues.)

Nothing New — Death among the demimonde

Back in the early 1900s, when the mills were running three shifts and ships arrived daily from exotic, foreign ports, the “Gentlemen’s Resorts” of Grays Harbor were very popular and somewhat necessary destinations. The “inmates” of those establishments would entertain the men, but at great personal cost. Here are the stories of three of the women who could no longer take the grinding life of the Harbor prostitute and turned to a final, tragic solution. Rest in Peace, Dear Ladies.

Wife’s future is a difficult subject for dying husband

Dear Abby: My husband has stage 4 cancer and is in constant pain. A big worry for him is my being alone in life after his passing. Several months ago when the subject came up, I told him that while I’m not a prophet, I know I’ll be OK. I’m a social person. I have a nice support group with various organizations, and I’m close with family and co-workers, etc.