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A side of sunshine with my French toast, please

In Amanda Park, a mere 51 miles from Aberdeen, shorter if you begin your trip in Hoquiam, sits the Internet Cafe, perched on a hill in the middle of town. If you are like me and my travel companion getting out of the house on a rainy Sunday morning for a little site-seeing trip can be difficult. If you skip breakfast and eat on the road, it helps.

Thanksgiving A-Z Guide

Whether it’s your first time cooking Thanksgiving or your 20th, we all could use a few fresh ideas to make the feast a success. Here, we’ve compiled an alphabetical rundown of the essentials you need to know.

The Senior Nutrition Program, conducted by the Coastal Community Action Program of Aberdeen, regularly serves lunches at noon at:

Nothing New — The end of Prohibition on Grays Harbor

From 1916 to 1933, prohibition was the law of the land in Washington State. From fine Canadian whiskey to bathtub gin of questionable origins, bootleggers and rum runners managed to supply tipplers with liquid refreshments. The election of Franklin Delano Roosevelt brought an end to the “Great Experiment” and on Grays Harbor during the first weeks of wetness, the great demand was limited by a lack of supply. Here are some stories on the issue as reported by the Aberdeen Daily World in April, 1933.

How does “bliss” figure into your faith?

Lama Chuck Stanford, Rime Buddhist Center: All beings experience some form of bliss. Even animals experience pleasure and bliss. The problem is that most of the bliss we experience is “conditional” bliss; that is, it is generated in response to some object of pleasure.