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Daughter refuses to open door to mom’s new beau

Dear Abby: I have been divorced for more than a year and recently started dating a very nice man, “John.” My eldest daughter and her children live with me. I’d like to be able to invite John over to our house, but my daughter doesn’t want “strange men” around her kids, which I understand. I tried suggesting that she meet John before assuming that he is a strange man, but she’s hesitant about meeting him.

20 “Driftwood Fire” serigraphs donated to Polson Museum

There was no room on the meeting table to put their year-end, celebratory bottle of wine. The 12 members of the Polson Museum board and a few volunteers peered at the 20 Elton Bennett prints laid on the meeting table, with more propped up against the walls of the museum meeting room last Wednesday evening. The prints were all variations of the “Driftwood Fire” series and have been donated to the Polson Museum by the artist’s daughter, Barbara Bennett Parsons. Bennett Parsons has more than 170 different titles, each with multiple variations, that she plans to donate to the museum, one or more titles each year.

Nothing New — Those flaky, feisty Finns of Aberdeen

Historically, one of largest immigrant populations in Aberdeen were those who came from Finland. Until 1917, Finland was a part of Czarist Russia. In the early 1900s, to avoid conscription into the Czar’s army, thousands of young Finns fled to the United States and hundreds of them came to Grays Harbor. The Finns, a clannish people, created two distinct “Finntowns”: One in South Aberdeen west of Boone Street; and the second that ran on each side of the Wishkah River from roughly the Wishkah River Bridge to the North Aberdeen Bridge. While most Finns were industrious, providing much-needed labor and economic benefits to their new hometown, there were those who spent a large amount of their time in the local saloons, creating headaches for the Aberdeen police department. Here are a number of stories published by the Aberdeen Herald covering the antics of dissolute Finns.

Good intentions cause offense after senior discount is offered

Dear Abby: I was at the hairdresser yesterday, and when I went to the register to pay, the receptionist asked me if I was over 65 “so I could get the senior discount.” Abby, I am only 55! I found her question insulting, and several of my friends have had this same experience. I appreciate the young woman trying to save me a couple of dollars, but I’d rather pay full price than be asked if I want the discount.

Church Events 12/6

The Daily World is happy to print your church information. Sunday events and special events only. For mid-week services, call the church. Deadline for this page is noon on Wednesday. Send to

Nailing it Down

The chilly season is upon us, which means it’s time to address how to keep your house – and by extension, you – snug, warm and safe.