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‘Keanu’ is a real, funny movie

If you watched the trailer for “Keanu” starring Jordan Peele and Keegan Michael Key of Comedy Central’s beloved series “Key &Peele” _ and wondered “is this a real movie?” you’re not alone. In fact, it’s one of the auto-searches on Google. It’s understandable, as most know “Key &Peele” as a veritable factory of genre-bending viral sketches that engage with the tropes of Hollywood. But yes, “Keanu” is a real movie, a real funny one at that.

Jamie Brand — Planting roots in Hoquiam

For someone who grew up in a military family, community is just a theory. Generally, military kids are used to moving so often that planting roots and staying a while just feels like an impossibility. And forget about knowing your neighbors.

Here’s a comment that I made some time back, in front of a lot of people, in response to something that was somewhere between a question and a comment: