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Up the Beach — Head out to adventures in our backyard

Well, dog gone. Just when folks have begun to look out for fresh crab from Larry Thevik on the Midnight Star at the Ocean Shores Marina the recreational and commercial Dungeness crab fisheries on the southern coast of Washington will close until further notice because of elevated marine toxin levels, state shellfish managers announced. The coffee drinking groups despairingly nodded their heads in commiseration until they read more carefully that the area north of Point Chehalis, including Grays Harbor, remains open to commercial and recreational crab fishing.

Dear Abby — Daughter seeks explanation for mom’s new relationship

D ear Abby: My mom turned 60 last month, and I hosted a party at her house for friends and family. As things were winding down, I took a break from cleaning up to look over the birthday cards from well-wishers that were displayed on a living room table. Among them was a big, gorgeous card from “Cassie,” a woman around my mother’s age, who I always thought was nothing more than an acquaintance.

Nothing New — “Boosterisms” to support local business

For the last thirty years, Grays Harbor has been in what is called an “economic slump.” Normally these things tend to last only a few years, but on the Harbor it sat down, put its feet up and never left. Logging and mill closures led to store closures, a declining population and a generally down-trodden outlook. The worst part is that we have been down so long that it has become accepted as the norm. Recently though, Aberdeen has seen an upturn as a number of civic-minded individuals and new businesses have sparked a revitalization that has the potential to make downtown vibrant again.