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The Senior Nutrition Program, conducted by the Coastal Community Action Program, regularly serves lunches at noon at:

Seizure in classroom prompts lesson on reaction for kids

Dear Abby: Last week, I had a seizure in front of my fourth-grade students. This has never happened to me before, so I had never spoken to my students about such a thing. I want to write them and their families a letter expressing my apologies, thanking them for their kind thoughts and giving basic advice on how to handle a seizure. Is this appropriate? If so, how do I start the letter?

Woman loves boyfriend, not son

Dear Abby: I am in a great relationship with a wonderful man, “Kevin.” He loves me very much and we get along well. I have three kids — two with special needs — and Kevin loves them and treats them like his own. He also has a son, age 6, who has cystic fibrosis.

It’s Hawku week

Get your blue and green on! We all know what week it is - especially if you happen to live in Hawkuiam. You have to appreciate the spirit Jack Durney, mayor of Hoquiam — excuse me, that is, Hawkuiam this week — for his town spirit. In our neck of the wooded Washington state, colors are flying over both harbors and spirits are high. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know well that the home team is once again in the championship.

Contests and Promotions

Online search: shocking news about live-in boyfriend

Dear Abby: Recently, a member of the family suggested that my mother Google the name of my sister’s new live-in boyfriend. (Another family member said he had done it months ago.) When Mom did, she saw that he is a convicted sex offender. We were all shocked as he has been very good to my sister and other members of the family.

The Growl

Often I hear clients say “My dog would never bite”. This statement typically follows a low growl or attempted “snap” towards my hand or face during an examination. When I was a newly graduated veterinarian, I was surprised by my client’s blissful ignorance, but I’ve learned to accept and understand this almost universal phenomena.