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Whistleblower confused by quiet

Dear Abby: I am a widow in my early 50s. While I was dating a prominent OB-GYN, I found out that he’s involved in criminal activity — operating a so-called “pill mill.” On our last date he asked me to join an escort service he was starting.

Up the Beach — From a disastrous drought to beachcombing bonanzas

Huzzah! It is fishing time! The kids are back in school. Most of the tourists are back home and the rain has cooperated to put the fishermen back in the rivers. There are a lot of females gloriously celebrating that they have the house to themselves. Perhaps men think it is great for their species to be on a quiet river, but that’s peanuts compared to a woman in her own quiet house.

Nothing New — Explosions: A deadly menace

Back at the turn of the last century, as quaint and idyllic as it may seem today, daily life was fraught with dangers that have since become rather rare. One of those is the threat of an explosion snuffing out a life. Certainly men were killed in the woods as they blew up stumps and the TNT detonated prematurely, but the fear of explosion was equally shared by those who lived and worked in the city. Whether it was an oil lamp or a peanut roaster, injury and death by explosion were very real threats in the early days of Grays Harbor. Here are a number of stories that reflect that peril from the pages of the Aberdeen Herald.

Mark Harvey — Debts and what’s protected

Have you ever heard of the “Consumer Financial Protection Bureau?” Neither have I, at least, not recently enough that I remember hearing of it, although the truth is that (a) I only vaguely recall last week, and (b) agencies come and agencies go, so the landscape tends to shift.