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Nothing New — John Wing and the exodus of the Chinese in 1890

In the pages of Aberdeen history, there is perhaps no greater show of ignorant fear and prejudice than that which occurred in the early hours of Nov. 7, 1890. An ugly act carried out by cowardly citizens with a violent streak of open racism who took the law into their own hands and forced the expulsion of a Chinese community that was simply going about its business in the raw, muddy clearing called Aberdeen.

Religion Events 11/28

The Daily World is happy to print your church information. Sunday events and special events only. For mid-week services, call the church. Deadline for this page is noon on Wednesday. Send to

Senior Events

NORTH BEACH MEDICAL EQUIPMENT: If you are in need of medical equipment, such as commodes, walkers, raised toilet seats, wheelchairs, canes, etc. then give us a call. Equipment is on loan at no cost to you for as long as you need it! Contact Rich Lindquist at (360) 591-5313 or .

Energetic pup needs dedicated companion

Roscoe is a six month old terrier mix who needs a home with only minimal distractions, and a dedicated companion who won’t give up on him. He was turned over to PAWS by a family who simply had too many other things going on: young children, another dog, etc.