Classes can vary, so yoga is worth a second look

Years ago, I took a yoga class. It was at my college gym, and my roommates wanted to go. I was accustomed to high-energy work outs—and thus I almost fell asleep in that yoga class. It was too slow for me, and I never went back.

That changed when my barre studio started offering yoga classes. I went to my first one last week, and I left sweaty.

My class was small, so my instructor was able to walk us through the movements and offer modifications for me and my stubborn, sore wrist. (I knew about downward dog, but I hadn’t heard of downward dolphin until last week, and I’m glad I have the option.)

This class wasn’t like the one I took five or so years ago, because I went back a second time. It’s also more fast-paced and exciting.

It helps that my instructor is working with me to strengthen my weaker body parts. (Also, thank you to those who have emailed me suggestions to take better care of myself and my injuries.) I’m hopeful that yoga will help me. Is yoga the work-out class for you?


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