Gear: Snap-in hybrid bike wheel

The so-called Copenhagen Wheel by MIT’s Superpedestrian group captures in a battery the energy that would normally be wasted when braking and “regenerates” power for the rider. It is meant to serves as the back wheel.

The wheel can sense when riders may need a boost, such as pedaling faster when going uphill, and will give a boost.

The Superpedestrian app lets riders vary the amount of boost wirelessly.

The app lets riders lock and unlock the Copenhagen Wheel, choose customizable rides and track personal statistics such as time, distance, calories burned, elevation climbed and more.

The wheel was made with many different types of bikes in mind and should fit any common model.

The wheel was developed by a small team just down the street from the main MIT campus.

Each order is handmade at the warehouse. Pre-ordering gets you a poster-size e-card sent to the future owner displaying the new wheel. They will not be sent out until spring 2014.

You can preorder it for $799 for spring 2014 release at


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