$232 thousand approved to replace track at Miller Junior High

The well worn 38-year-old track at Miller Junior High School is steps closer to an extreme makeover by September.

The Aberdeen School Board approved a contract for $232,154.17 to Beynon Sports Surfaces to supply and install the track at Miller Junior High School.

The company will also remove and dispose of existing track surface, according to board documents.

Aberdeen School District Facilities Manager Marv Townsend is also seeking bids on how much it will cost to do preliminary work on the track, where the only meet this year was cancelled.

That work includes replacing the inner drain field and dealing with minor settling, said District Business Manager David Herrington Monday.

“The south end looks like a nice, big pond,” he said, so improving drainage is a must. He did not want to speculate about how much additional money that will cost.

“Our goal is to have the track completed and back after school starts in September,” said Herrington. He cautioned a lot depends on whether equipment to do the work on time is available.

The athletic facility was deemed too dangerous for meets due to poor condition.


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