Aberdeen, Hoquiam honor Silver & Gold winners

When students go above and beyond to help their community and their school, it is only fitting their efforts be recognized. Some students are outstanding people who devote a lot of time and energy to making the lives of others better, but they haven’t always been able to earn the attention they deserve through traditional awards.

Silver and Gold awards are a fitting way to honor these deserving students.

The following students were honored at a joint Aberdeen-Hoquiam banquet at the Rotary Log Pavillion in May.

Aberdeen High School

Sam Ball: Nominated by David Brunke. Parents: Susan and Brian Ball. Mr. Brunke nominated Sam for his outstanding effort for the Outdoor School for the past three years. Mr. Brunke said that he was an outstanding leader who exemplified what it means to work with the ODS program and is a superb role model for young students. In addition to ODS, Sam has also helped with the Stevens Overnighter and helped distribute food for Feed the Hungry. He has made great contributions to Food Ball and has helped beautify our community by working with the Paint the Corridor program. Sam has also been a member of the pep band, marching band, math team, golf team and one of the founding members of the Ultimate Frisbee Club. Next fall Sam will be attending the University of Washington, where he would like to major in computer engineering and would like to develop the next line of computer hardware to revolutionize the computer world.

Kyle Brewer: Nominated by Scott Rice. Mother: Denise Brewer. Kyle has been a part of ASB for three years of his career serving as the sophomore and junior class president and this year has been our executive vice president. Kyle is an extremely talented, yet quiet student, who leads through his actions rather than his words. Kyle served this year as one of the executive chairs for Food Ball and last year he was the canvassing chair, working to collect all of our money on a nightly basis for storefronts and students. Kyle also has been in a leadership role this year, serving as drum major for the AHS marching band. In this position he was selected as an All-American Drum Major and was able to represent Grays Harbor in London and California. In addition to these fine accolades, Kyle has served as the secretary for the Leo Club, an extension of the Lions Club, and has helped with numerous community service items throughout the past two years. Next year, Kyle will continue to pursue his dream of working in theater by attending Grays Harbor College to study music for two years and then plans to transfer to the University of California Los Angeles to study the performing arts.

Claire Hurd: Nominated by Cori Krick. Parents: Tyler and Kelly Hurd. Claire is a member of the Renaissance Action Team (RAT) and been a leader in RAT her entire high school career. Claire has helped to organize beach cleanups in the Westport area and has also organized her fellow RAT students to clean up local parks on multiple occasions. Claire this year also took on the role of leader for RAT’s People’s Choice Awards, which allows teachers the opportunity to recognize students that may not be recognized on a regular basis. Claire also organized the Every 32 Minutes event. Claire has also put in numerous hours to help support the Relay for Life here on Grays Harbor, has helped the Sons of Norway, has served as a leader for youth cheer and youth golf camps and has volunteered her time working at elementary school carnivals and bingo nights. In addition to her work with RAT, Claire has also been a member of the swim team, golf team, cheer team, band and honors society. Next fall, Claire will be attending Gonzaga University where she will be studying medicine.

McKenzie Martin: Nominated by David Brunke and Cori Krick. Parents: Jackie and Tim Martin. McKenzie has put in hundreds of hours at the Outdoor School, participated in beach and park cleanups with the Renaissance Action Team, helped raise money for Relay for Life and helped with the Steven’s Overnighter with 6th grade students form Stevens Elementary. She has served as an acolyte for St. Andrews Episcopal Church since she was 10 years old. McKenzie has been a member of the following programs and sports: volleyball, tennis, cheerleading, soccer, Link Crew, World Class Scholars, American Red Cross Blood Drives and many others. In the future, McKenzie will be attending Washington State University where she would like to study business and minor in psychology. In the future she would like to own her own treatment center to help people overcome difficulties with the help of animal therapy.

Sarah McCauley: Nominated by Rocky Rocquin and Scott Rice. Parents: Pamela and Robert McCauley. This year during Food Ball, Sarah was given one of the more difficult positions of canvassing chair and she exceeded expectations. She was early to everything throughout and could be counted upon to get students organized and to get them to show up and work. In this process, she had to step in and donate more than 40 hours to canvassing. Currently Sarah is also the student representative to the Aberdeen School Board. As part of the responsibilities, Sarah had the opportunity to attend the Washington State School Directors Association conference. In her role on the board Sarah has also attended many events at the state Capital where she has spoken with state officials about student concerns and school concerns and hopes. In addition, Sarah is also a speaker for the National Alliance on Mental Illness, which is working toward mental health advocacy and anti-stigma campaigning. Sarah is a member of yearbook, World Class Scholars, leadership and plays soccer. In the future Sarah would like to continue to speak out and advocate for others through her love of writing.

Amelia McIntosh: Nominated by Cori Crick. Parents: Tricia and Mike McIntosh. Amelia in her time at AHS has been one of the driving forces behind our Renaissance Action Team and has put in a tremendous amount of time toward videos and assemblies and organizing all the other items that RAT accomplishes. This fall Amelia served as the leader for RAT, putting together their annual blood drive in the fall and she also helped other RAT students in cleaning up the parks and beaches throughout Grays Harbor. As a freshman, Amelia served in ASB and was the freshman chair in 2010. This year Amelia worked to provide information for young people about the dangers of distracted driving through the “Let’s Draw the Line” campaign and gave community presentations on the topic. Amelia has been heavily involved with the Girl Scouts of America for the past 13 years and has volunteered as a camp counselor for five years. Amelia has participated in golf all four years as well as Open Art Studio, Club Mud and has been a member of the World Class Scholars. In the fall Amelia will attend Grays Harbor College and receive her Associate of Arts and then would like to transfer to Western Washington University to study Spanish for Secondary Education. She would also like to travel to Panama or Costa Rica.

Molly Rabung: Nominated by Cori Crick. Parents: Joan and William Rabung. Molly has been a part of many of our groups and activities including RAT, Leadership, ASB and Leo Club just to name a few. In her four years at AHS Molly has worked with McDermoth Elementary where she served as a basketball coach. Molly also helped to organize students to clean up our parks and beaches. Also, she has worked with Leo Club to clean up the parks and has also helped to plant trees to help beautify our community. In addition to all of these events, Molly has also served in various roles through her Amazing Grace Lutheran Church and youth group. She has been a member of swim team, golf team, marching band and was the chair for this year’s People’s Choice Awards. Next year Molly will be attending Richmond University in London, England, where she plans to study business marketing and management. When she graduates she would like to start a campaign similar to the Dove Real Beauty campaign to help create a positive impact on young people and to help eliminate negative self talk and negative body image issues.

Ryan Thornton: Nominated by Cori Crick. Parents: Douglas and Kristie Thornton. Ryan treats all individuals with kindness and sincerity and he is always willing to lend a helping hand to others. Since freshman year Ryan has been involved with the RAT program and has helped to raise money for Relay for Life and helped to clean up the beaches at Ocean Shores. Also, Ryan has picked up trash, painted bathhouses and helped the RAT program to improve the beauty of parks as well. In addition, Ryan has also served as a YMCA Camp Bishop counselor. Ryan has donated hundreds of hours to the community through his work with Grays Harbor Fire District 2 and is an incredible role model for the young people of our community. In the fall Ryan will be attending Puget Sound Community College where he plans to get his degree in fire sciences. He would like to perpetually give back to his community by becoming a firefighter/EMT and would like to eventually get his paramedic certification as well.

Alexxi Timmons: Nominated by Toni Houbregs, Shaun Schreiber, and Steve Reed. Parents: Jennifer Miller and Jeff Timmons. Lexi is a tremendous athlete who puts in great effort toward helping young athletes develop. She has passion for sports and worked this year with the girls basketball team to continue the Little Dribblers program that works to foster relationships with young girls that someday want to be Bobcats. She has also worked at multiple youth softball camps to encourage young girls to be involved with softball as well. However, it is not simply sports that Lexi has been involved with. Last year she put forth a tremendous effort with Food Ball and this year worked with RAT to help clean up parks and beaches. In addition to helping young athletes, Lexi has also been a prolific athlete competing at the varsity level in soccer, basketball and softball. Lexi has also been a member of the World Class Scholars for all four years of high school. In the fall Lexi will be attending Alderson-Broaddus University on a softball scholarship and while there she would like to study to attain a degree in psychology and hopes to be a profiler or a sports psychologist.

Tyler Utheim: Nominated by David Brunke. Dad: Kenneth Utheim. Tyler is senior class president and has been a exceptional leader for our group this year. Tyler has been a part of Outdoor School for the past two years where he has helped teach kids through exceptional, hands on learning experiences. Tyler also helped with an inaugural event this past fall called “Harborween” that has been put together by a community group to attempt to support our local businesses in the mall. Also Tyler contributed many hours with Food Ball. Tyler will walk across the stage as a graduate of our AVID program at AHS, has been a member of Leadership, the Math Team, World Class Scholars, Robotics and the Chess Club. Next year Tyler will be attending Washington Sate University where he will be studying computer science.

Hoquiam High School

Kolby Crowell: Nominated by Steve Jump. Parents: Barb and Perry Crowell III. Colby is a nice guy with a desire to make others around him feel better. Colby has helped with the Arc of Grays Harbor, donated time to Hoquiam Youth Baseball as an umpire and helped with the Relay for Life. He has participated in baseball and golf, been a part of drama productions and performed in Mr. Fantastic. He was Lion’s Club student of the Month and was voted most Huggable by his classmates. His plan is to become a grade school teacher some day. His future includes attending Grays Harbor College for two years and then transferring to a four-year university.

Kayla Hilliard: Nominated by Sue Dixon and Steve Jump. Parents: Eric and Babe Hilliard. Teachers state that she is a leader on and off the playing field. She is involved in her community with youth sports and other community/school events. Kayla has been involved in basketball and fast pitch. She has helped with the Relay For Life and has been an active part of Food Ball.

Alexis Franklin: Nominated by Connie King, Patty Sundstrom and Jennifer Pace. Parents: Brian Franklin and Deborah Green. Alexis has been busy during her four years at HHS. She has been a Young Life student leader, along with volunteering for Sierra Nevada Journeys, helping teach kids how to live efficiently and conserve the environment. She has been involved in cross-country and track, serving as a captain in both. She has been a part of drama and was Gazette editor and FBLA president. She took first place at FBLA state in word processing, and fourth place in emerging business issues. She also has been recognized in Hoquiam as the 2014 FBLA outstanding member. Her future plans include attending Washington State University in the fall with a major in business management and international business in the hopes of obtaining high-level executive position some day.

Alex Valier: Nominated by Rick Moore. Parents: Rob and Debi Valliere. Alex has been involved in many things while attending high school. He has tutored other students in math and helped with the Relay for Life. He has been a part of FBLA, was Knowledge Bowl president and has participated in soccer, wrestling and cross-country. He was voted most inspirational in cross-country and was a Lion’s Club student of the month. His future plans include attending the University of Washington and majoring in mechanical engineering. He than would like to work for a Fortune 500 company like Boeing or Lockheed Martin.

Kiona Goodman: Nominated by Bonnie Jump, Teresa Mowitch and Brock Maxfield. Parents: Chris Nash and John Lemieux. Kiona went from under-involved to over-involved in a matter of four short years. She has been a part of most of the Hoquiam High School student activities in some way or the other. She helped coordinate blood drives, was a major organizer of prom and homecoming, participated in Food Ball and found time to tutor math on the side. She was active in cheerleading, soccer, ASB and was the boy’s soccer team manager. Awards she has earned include Lions Club student of the month, honor roll, most inspirational for soccer, class secretary and executive board secretary for ASB this school year. Her teachers describe her as energetic, opinionated and very outgoing. She possesses the ability to overcome any hardship or obstacle and will go far in life. She plans on attending Washington State University this August and pursue a degree in civil engineering.

Adam Cooper. Nominated by Charolette Helland and Patty Sudstrom. Parents: Ron and Toni Cooper. Adam is a great actor, singer and is an extremely fun person to be around. He has helped construct sets for local theater productions and helped teach young aspiring actors and actresses throughout the Harbor. He has been a part of musicals, plays, shows, more musicals and more plays and more shows than many students. He feels proud that he was given honorable mention for “Bye Bye Birdie” and “Zombie Prom” for outstanding performance by an actor in a lead role and a special honor for student achievements from the 5th Avenue Theater. His future plans and goals include being a star on Broadway and directing Hollywood movies, but before all that keeping it local is his goal.

Breaunna “Mogley” Simpson: Nominated by Bonnie Jump, Jill Smith and Patti Reynvaan. Parents: Shirley and Leonard Simpson. “The first thing is, who is Breaunna Simpson? Whenever I’d get a note for this person it would take me a while to figure it out that they were sending for Mogley,” said Bonnie Jump. Mogley has set the bar pretty high for the next ASB president. She was an instrumental part of the student workings at HHS this year. She helped with Food Ball, school dances and has been manager for girl’s soccer, basketball and fastpitch. She was CTE student of the month and was awarded all-league manager by her teams for basketball and fastpitch. Her future plans include attending Grays Harbor College and obtaining a degree in criminal justice. Be on the look out because she wants to be a police officer on Grays Harbor.

Ariel Mendoza: Nominated by Bonnie Jump and Charlotte Helland. Guardian is: Rhonda Sigman. “This year Ariel was pretty much mine and the librarian’s TA,” said Bonnie Jump. “She didn’t know it at the time, but it gave her the unique opportunity to get involved.” She is eager to help others and is just fun to be around. This year she volunteered at the Karr House, helped at the 7th St. Theatre and did concessions for Hoquiam wrestling. She has helped with the Relay for Life and did a lot of the behind-the-scenes things for ASB this year. She is a hard worker and is really just a nice person to be around. It’s great to see her get this award, because the staff sees that she deserves to be recognized. Her future plans include going to Grays Harbor College in the fall. She plans on applying to a medical school and becoming a medical assistant.

Kenny Huffman: Nominated by Rick Moore. Parents: Kenneth and Roberta Huffman. Kenny has been described as being respectful, involved and great at academics. He has volunteered at the local food bank and helped with youth football and wrestling. He has been a stand out in football, wrestling and track. This June he will be an honor grad, has a black belt and earned a four-year letter in wrestling and a three-year letter in track and football. He’s proud that he was able to maintain a 3.5 G.P.A while playing full-time sports.

Joel Brydon: Nominated by Bonnie Jump, Curtis Eccles and Patti Reynvaan. Parents: Dean and Laura Brydon. Joel has been in leadership for four years. He looks exactly the same as he did his freshman year only a bit taller. He has been described by staff as helpful, involved and having a good work ethic. He was a co-chair of Food Ball, helped coordinate blood drives and volunteered at the Relay for Life. He has participated in baseball, basketball and football and will graduate as class valedictorian. He received Lion’s Club student of the month, honorable mention in baseball, all league second team in baseball and football and received the coaches’ award twice in basketball. His plans include attending Grays Harbor College and transferring to Washington State University.


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