Attempted murder defendant fit for trial

A Hoquiam man accused of stabbing the mother of his brother’s child was deemed fit to stand trial at a Monday court appearance.

Darion A. Greenwood, 19, is charged with first-degree attempted murder, and entered a not guilty plea at a previous court appearance. He was referred to Western State Hospital to undergo a 15-day competency evaluation on July 27.

Greenwood allegedly stabbed a 22-year-old Aberdeen woman, the mother of his nephew, after she and a 48-year-old friend picked him up on July 8.

Court documents state that Greenwood and the two women were driving on State Route 109 when Greenwood asked them to pull over.

He allegedly began beating the 22-year-old, who got out of the car. Greenwood then allegedly stabbed her multiple times.

The 22-year-old was able to escape, and her friend began driving her to the hospital when they encountered a Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s deputy who was responding to multiple witness reports of the assault. Greenwood was arrested near the scene of the assault.

Greenwood allegedly told investigators that the 22-year-old woman was a “lousy mother” and that he brought two knives with him so that he could kill the woman, but that he didn’t remember actually stabbing her.

According to the psychological report, Greenwood told psychologists that he has previously been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and admitted to drug use.

“When asked about drug abuse, he said he used to use ‘a lot of methamphetamine … constant.’ This started at age 18 and involved the year prior to his arrest,” the report reads.

Overall, Greenwood appeared “cognitively and emotionally intact” and aware of the charges, according to the report.

Greenwood will appear in court again Friday morning.


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