Bank teller sentenced for nearly $64,000-theft

A former Ocean Shores Timberland Bank teller will spend the next year and a half in prison after stealing nearly $64,000 from an elderly customer.

Amy E. Deibel, 38, of Ocean Shores, was sentenced Friday in Grays Harbor Superior Court for first-degree theft.

On Oct. 23, 2012, Timberland Bank managers reported Deibel had been stealing from a 78-year-old customer.

The theft was initially discovered after the bank manager found a discrepancy in Deibel’s cash drawer that day. After conducting an audit of all the cash in the bank, she discovered a withdrawal slip for $4,870 for the man’s account in Deibel’s drawer.

As the manager tried to call the man, court documents state she saw Deibel calling him at the same time. She confirmed the man had not been at the bank that day.

When the manager talked to Deibel, she claimed the man had allowed her to withdraw the money. When asked if it had happened before, Deibel told her it happened about once a month.

Deibel said she had “fibbed” on her balance sheet to make it look like the drawer was balanced.

The manager “then asked the defendant to put the money for the withdrawal back into (the victim’s) bank account, and the defendant stated she could not because she had spent it,” court documents state.

After reviewing the bank statements for the victim’s account, bank officials found 90 unauthorized withdrawals dating back to 2008.

In 2008, they found Deibel had made three withdrawals totaling $830; in 2009, 20 withdrawals totaling $6,620; in 2010, 27 withdrawals totaling $10,380; and in 2011, 25 withdrawals totaling $23,740; and in 2012, 15 withdrawals for $26,220. The total accumulated theft was $63,790.

As part of her sentence, Deibel is barred from ever working at a financial institution again.


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