Battalion Chief Mayne and Chief Electrician Criel retire

The City of Aberdeen is losing two valued long-time officials to retirement. They were saluted before the City Council Wednesday night.

Aberdeen Fire Battalion Chief Bill Mayne, a 36 year veteran, attracted a posse of fellow firefighters, emergency technicians, his boss, Fire Chief Tom Hubbard, and even Hoquiam Police Chief Jeff Myers to wish him well.

City Electrician Jim Criel was so modest he chose not to appear, said Public Works Director Malcolm Bowie. “He is humble to a fault,” he said of the 31-year veteran who could fix any wire or wireless issues.

Hubbard said Mayne came to work for the city on May 16, 1978, and served in “every line position” rising through the ranks to battalion chief in 2001. He also took care of internal procedures and equipment such as fire hoses, appliances, nozzles, “some would say he knew them by name,” Hubbard said. Mayne knew far more than how to put “wet stuff on the red stuff,” he said.

Mayne earned silver medals last year in Belfast for his ability in team and individual shooting events at the World Police and Fire Games.

Serving “was a blessing to me,” Mayne said. It was an honor to work for the fire department which he said is “the best trained in its history.” Mayne saluted his colleagues. “These people have the city’s back,” he said. Mayne was kidded by his colleagues and friends about how young he looks. “Yeah, they stole me out of the eighth grade,” he said as he shook hands.


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