Bozeman reaches out to Aberdeen for project advice

Newly hired consultant Cary Bozeman was in Aberdeen Tuesday meeting with people about plans to redevelop the downtown area. He will return today to hold a workshop for city officials and city council members.

“I am outreaching to the city leaders, community leaders and property owners and hope there is some agreement on what our priorities should be and what projects will have the most impact,” he replied in an emailed request for an interview about how his Bozeman Group goes about creating a redevelopment plan. Bozeman, who is the former mayor of Bremerton and Bellevue, made his mark reviving downtown spaces.

“The goal is to identify a few transformational projects that we can move forward in the near future. Once we agree on two or three projects, we put a plan together, find funding partners, do the design work and move forward,” he added.

“I am hoping we have a 36-month plan put together soon, within the next couple of months,” he said. The city hired Bozeman for a 12-month contract to start. The workshop is from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Aberdeen City Hall.


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