Cat tale: Cosi animal control amendment repealed

If organizing politicians is like herding cats, the Cosmopolis City Council might serve as a prime example.

At the council meeting last month, while Mayor Vickie Raines was away, the council played.

Councilwoman Debbi Moran, upset that an errant cat damaged her flower bed and used it for a litter box, brought forth an amendment to the animal control ordinance.

“We have had a lot of complaints that a lot of cats are ‘pottying’ in the yard or on the grass without covering it up,” said Moran Friday. “The city has lots of control over dogs but not over cats. … It is a little upsetting because of the smell. You just have to clean it up and go on with life.”

She loves animals but wanted to come up “with some kind of something that will help our citizens and our city,” Moran said.

The ordinance stated that animals must be under control in possession of the person who owns them except “domestic neutered male or spayed female cats” who were allowed to run free. Moran’s amendment ended that, stating that all animals “shall be presumed to be in the possession and control of any person who resides in the residence where the animal is domiciled.”

The amendment passed with council members Moran, Jim Ancich and Carl Sperring in support and Jonathan Fischer voting against. Frank Chestnut and Raines were absent. Raines tried to veto the amendment but missed the deadline, she said.

So, Wednesday, July 16, in an evening council meeting packed with humans, felines were freed from the threat of the leash when the amended ordinance was repealed unanimously by the council on recommendations by Raines and Chestnut, who declared that attempting to control all cats would be unenforceable.

The council still wants to take a look at the old, unamended, animal control ordinance and referred it to the Planning Commission for review. “We want to see if it requires updating … since it was written” a decade or so ago, said Raines.

So does that mean while the ordinance is away cats in Cosmopolis, at least the ones who are fixed, can play?

“You could say that,” laughed Moran.


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