Charges in Monte house, RV fire

A Montesano man is accused of burning his father’s house and motor home on Wynooche Valley Road last fall.

Michael S. Scheef, 43, pleaded not guilty to first-degree reckless burning in Grays Harbor Superior Court Monday.

The home and RV burned Sept. 30 and were total losses.

Firefighters initially responded to the motor home fire, then discovered another fire inside the home about 50 feet away, according to court documents.

Police tried to locate Scheef unsuccessfully before he contacted Animal Control Oct. 2, trying to pick up his dogs. Scheef initially told police he had no idea the home and motor home had burned.

Scheef claimed three men had abducted him the morning of Sept. 30 and he had only returned Oct. 2, despite statements from friends that he had been at their home the night of the fire.

Scheef eventually told police the home accidentally caught fire when he spilled gasoline he had been using to heat and light the house.

“Defendant stated that after the house caught fire, he concocted the story about the kidnapping, and had purposely set the RV on fire to support the story that he had been kidnapped and in an effort to run him out of town,” court documents read.

Scheef allegedly told police he didn’t want his father to blame him for the house fire.


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