City’s Seahawks signs stolen from Riverside Avenue

Harborites traveling through Hoquiam may have found Riverside Avenue strangely empty over the past two days, with city officials working on “the case of the missing Seahawks signs.”

For the past week and a half, 12th man signs painted by city employee Tracy Wood would have lined the Hoquiam thoroughfare. But Tuesday morning, another city employee noticed that the signs were gone. The signs had been mounted on custom-made brackets, so stealing the signs would have been no easy task.

“They actually had to forcibly rip them off the brackets,” Wood said.

City officials reported the theft to the Hoquiam Police Department that morning, and the signs have yet to be found. Both Wood and Hoquiam Mayor Jack Durney said they’re not sure who would take the signs, or what the thief’s motivation may have been.

“It’s either got to be a really desperate Seahawks fan who needed some decorations, or a Broncos fan who is worried about their team losing,” Wood said. “Or maybe a 49ers fan who was upset that they already lost.”

“I can’t imagine that there are many Broncos fans in Grays Harbor,” Durney added. “So I’m sure they’re already up in somebody’s yard. But the city is hunting down whoever did it.”

The signs aren’t the city’s only show of support for the Superbowl-bound team. The flagpole at Hoquiam City Hall is currently flying a Seahawks flag, and one of the city’s utility vehicles is also sporting a flag.

And local fans won’t have to go without the signs for long. Wood painted new signs Wednesday and city crews were expected to install them this morning.

“She’s so dedicated she took an hour of vacation time to get them painted,” City Administrator Brian Shay said.


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