Coast Guard helicopter rescues surfer off Westport jetty

A surfer stranded on the jetty at Westport was rescued Saturday afternoon by a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter, Petty Officer Jeremy Young said.

The surfer apparently crashed and was able to crawl up onto the jetty. Another surfer spotted him, swam to shore and called 911. Paramedics from Westport and local Coast Guard officers determined he had broken limbs but no spinal injuries, Young said. They called for a four-person crew aboard the helicopter stationed at the Coast Guard base in Astoria.

Helicopter personnel sent down a basket and hoisted the surfer into the chopper. He was flown to the Grays Harbor station where an ambulance took him to Grays Harbor Community Hospital, Young said. The surfer broke his right leg and left arm and did not seem to show evidence of hypothermia, he added.

The surfer’s age and name was not immediately reported.


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