Cobain statue to head to museum

A statue of Kurt Cobain, done by local artist Randi Hubbard soon after Cobain’s suicide, will be added to the current Cobain and Nirvana exhibit at the Aberdeen Museum of History, Mayor Bill Simpson said Wednesday at the City Council meeting. Curator Dann Sears confirmed Thursday evening he has heard it is coming to the museum, too.

The statue, made in part of cement and pipes, is now housed in Hubb’s Muffler Shop in Aberdeen, one of her businesses. Calls to the shop were not answered Friday afternoon. The mayor said he had worked out an arrangement with Hubbard.

Simpson has been organizing a series of events during the week of Cobain’s birth on Feb. 20 in Aberdeen. He will proclaim that day as Kurt Cobain Day at the Feb. 14 meeting. The museum put up a couch Cobain crashed on, photos, guitars, plus Nirvana and Mudhoney posters as part of the exhibit late last year.

Hoquiam declared April 10th as Nirvana Day to celebrate because the famed band is headed into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


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