County turns down grant funds for Westport sidewalk

Grays Harbor County has turned down a state grant that would have paid for a sidewalk from the city of Westport to Ocosta Junior-Senior High School.

Although the grant would have paid for the sidewalk, it wouldn’t have covered curbs and gutters necessary for the project — and the county would have needed to deal stormwater issues, as well.

County Commission Chairman Frank Gordon said he was disappointed that the funds had to be turned down, especially since school is about to start and there are a lot of youth who walk to school. He says he’s hoping to work with the Ocosta School District for the district to build a lagoon or chip in to help figure out how to deal with stormwater issues in the area.

“The problem is with the new state laws, we can’t just put in a sidewalk without figuring out how to deal with the run-off,” Gordon said.

The sidewalk project is still on the county’s six-year transportation plan.


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