Deputy given meritorious service award

MONTESANO — Grays Harbor Deputy Mike Osgood was awarded a letter of commendation and meritorious service award Monday for his efforts in trying to save a life in a mobile home fire on Poplar Road in December.

Sheriff Rick Scott said Osgood arrived at the scene before firefighters, was told by a neighbor that someone was still inside and rushed to action. A neighbor held the door open, and Osgood made his way into the burning building, through the thick smoke and located the victim, Darrell Brookings.

Brookings was found to be dead at the scene.

But Scott said that Osgood didn’t know that Brookings was deceased and risked his own life to try to save the man.

“You pulled the victim to a safe location and confirmed that he was deceased,” Sheriff Scott wrote in his commendation. “After updating dispatch and other units responding to the situation, you remained on scene and assisted Montesano Police and Fire with the investigation.”


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