Elma-McCleary Road power outage scheduled for this weekend

Grays Harbor PUD customers between Elma and McCleary will be without power for about 10 hours, with a planned outage scheduled to begin at 11:45 p.m. today. During the outage, PUD crews will perform maintenance work on the transmission lines on Elma-McCleary Road and replace five deteriorating power poles.

The outage will impact PUD customers on the Elma-McCleary Road from the Grays Harbor County Fairgrounds to the McCleary city limits. All customers on the Cloquallum Road will be impacted, including those on the Upper Falls Creek, Bush Creek and Powers Creek Roads and customers on the Stamper Road from Cloquallum Road to Upper Falls Creek Road. All customers off the Elma Hicklin Road will be impacted, as will customers on Heise Road, Rosemary Lane North and South and McKnight Road.

PUD officials recommend customers unplug any electronic equipment — such as computers, televisions and microwaves — and leaving them unplugged until power is restored.

The outage time is an estimate, and power could be restored at any time as work is completed. Therefore, it is not safe to do any electrical work or repairs during that time, PUD officials said.


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