Griebel to be new Miller Junior High principal

Aberdeen School Board approved a new Miller Junior High School principal to replace the current principal, Mark Decker, who will be leaving his post at the end of the year.

Lisa Griebel, 51, who has served as principal of Federal Way High School for seven years, was recommended by Superintendent Tom Opstad and was approved unanimously by the board, which had two absent members due to family emergencies.

She has been on leave from her principal position at Federal Way since August, when she and her husband finally closed on their home and were able to move into the Ocean Shores home they bought three years ago. She has two children, ages 24 and 26, and has been an educator for about 23 years. She was a teacher, behavior intervention specialist, school counselor, a dean of students, an assistant principal and a curriculum assistant principal — all prior to her position as principal at Federal Way High School.

“We love it here,” she said of herself and her husband, Doug Mosebach, a retired teacher and school counselor. She said they would typically visit Ocean Shores every weekend that her schedule would permit. “Every Sunday night I didn’t want to go back. It’s so nice here in this community.”

Griebel said she grew up in a small community in Western Kansas, and so is used to living in a smaller community.

“It’s so refreshing to be somewhere where people care about you whether they know you or not,” she said, adding she was impressed with the board meeting she attended in Aberdeen Tuesday night. “What a change from the kind of board meetings we are used to… No timer buzzing people… I can tell the culture is one of respect and has a focus on kids.”

Griebel said she was very impressed on her day-long tour of Miller Junior High and is excited to start next fall.

“Mark Decker has really done a great job there, and in continuing the work of his predecessors … Particularly with the 1 to 1 technology ratio, and the great culture. The kids are nice, the staff is nice … I hate using the word improve because they’re doing such a great job. But just continuing that,” she said.


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