Heavy rain could lead to landslides, flooding

Heavy rainfall this week could lead to landslides and flooding, according to a warning released by the National Weather Service.

Grays Harbor County has already seen between one and three inches of rain over the past few days, saturating the ground and leading to a possibility of landslides. The National Weather Service is forecasting additional heavy rainfall, between one and three inches, Wednesday and Thursday.

The National Weather Service is forecasting lighter rainfall Friday and Saturday.

One landslide has already been reported locally, said Charles Wallace, deputy director of Grays Harbor County Emergency Management. County crews have been working since Monday morning to clear a landslide on North River Road near Vesta.

Elevated risks of landslides will continue for several days after the rainfall stops, according to the National Weather Service.

Wallace said there is also a risk of local rivers flooding — especially the Chehalis River. Grays Harbor County Emergency Management will continue to monitor the rivers.


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