Humptulips couple charged with asking friend to burn neighbor’s trailer

A man and woman from Humptulips are charged with asking someone to burn down their neighbor’s trailer.

Jose F. Orellana Arita, 29, is charged with solicitation to commit arson, unlawful possession of an explosive device and being an alien in possession of a firearm. Brandi R. Haley, 27, is charged with solicitation to commit arson and possession of methamphetamine.

They’re accused of asking another person to burn down a mobile home in the 1800 block of Kirkpatrick Road in Humptulips. After the fire April 22, a fire investigation showed the fire was started with a flammable liquid.

On April 28, the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office responded to the burned trailer as one of the residents worked to retrieve some items with a relative. While they worked, they told deputies Orellana Arita rode up on a quad and shot at them with a rifle.

Orellana Arita told deputies he had fired the rifle during a confrontation with the neighbors, but that he fired it into the air.

While searching Haley’s trailer, officers found six baggies of meth, two of cocaine and one containing unidentified pills.

In the hall closet, they found a suspected pipe bomb inside a Crown Royal whiskey bag.

The Washington State Patrol Bomb Squad arrived to defuse the device, but it detonated.

Orellana Arita told police a girl had bought it for a friend, and he thought it was a “large firework,” according to court documents.

Haley allegedly told police she had asked a friend to “beat up” the neighbors in exchange for a car earlier this year. The day of the fire, she allegedly said, the friend “showed up at her residence and told her he was going to take care of her problem, borrowed some gas and then left.”

Charges have not yet been filed against the friend, who is suspected of arson.

Orellana Arita is a citizen of Honduras and entered the country unlawfully sometime around 2000, according to court documents.


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