Injured AHS wrestler “alert and stable”

The Aberdeen High School wrestler who was injured and transported to Harborview Medical Center on Monday was alert, stable and breathing on her own Tuesday, according to a letter Aberdeen High School administrators sent home to the families of members of the wrestling team.

Harborview Medical Center listed her in serious condition Tuesday night.

The letter from the school said the wrestler, whose name was not released, was injured during practice with her workout partner. “She was doing a stand up and when her partner countered at that point she was brought down to the mat and the side of her face hit first. This was an accident and what the two wrestlers were doing was routine basic moves all wrestlers practice,” the letter reads.

The wrestler was first taken to Grays Harbor Community Hospital and later transported to Harborview Medical Center.

“We have spoken to the family today and she is alert, stable and breathing on her own. As we receive updates we will keep the coaches informed and we are all hoping for her quick recovery,” the letter said.

Principal Rocky Rocquin declined a request for additional information about the injury, citing privacy concerns.

“Right now we have a student who’s hurt, and we’re crossing our fingers hoping it turns out OK,” Rocquin said.


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