Local Arts Association ‘Art in Coastal Gardens’ tour this Saturday

The South Beach Arts Association (SBAA) will present an “Art in Coastal Gardens” tour Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Westport. The tour features seven private garden oases identified by the South Beach Kinnikinnick Garden Club as well as commercial gardens.

Tickets are $5 each and may be purchased at Coastal Garden Center and Westport Winery and That Summer Gallery in Westport on W. Ocean Avenue.

Maps will be distributed at the That Summer Gallery on the day of tour. The gallery is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays until Labor Day.

Plan to spend plenty of time exploring the unique features of each garden, as well as interacting with the artist(s) and their work. Funds for the tour will support South Beach Arts Association (SBAA) in its mission to support arts and artists in the South Beach area.

Many of the tour gardens are relatively young, less than 15 years old, with one notable exception. As you stroll through the gardens, notice the recurrent theme of raised beds. Westport is basically sand, so lack of soil is a challenge for each gardener, hence composting apparatus, water conservation and raised beds/containers. That 70 inches of rain falls predominately in the fall, winter and spring, leaving desert-like conditions in the summer. Ask our gardeners how they cope.

Entertainer’s Garden

A soothing waterfall and rock plantings are prominent features in this comfortable nine-year-old garden. Designed to be low maintenance with no lawn, deer resistant euonymus, barberry, and feather grass accent a spacious patio/fire pit. Note the ever-blooming lilac in the back.

Pocket Garden

A metal buoy fire pit takes a prominent spot in this garden that was started in 2007 with nothing but sand. Pockets of plants have been wedged between decks, around a limited lawn and an extensive collection of containers and raised beds.

Mature Country Garden

This lovely garden offers a bird sanctuary, a water feature for hummingbirds, a greenhouse with both hardy and tropical orchids, a bottle tree, and a plethora of perennials.

1903 Cottage Garden Restoration Project

Revitalizing an old garden has been three years in the making, with this gardener just now starting to see significant results. This cottage garden sports a large array of classic perennials with vegetables and berries integrated throughout in wide beds with hoop houses.

Woodland Shade Garden

Best described as a woodland shade garden, the gardener’s naturalistic tendencies are reflected in her use of moss and driftwood. Notice the old moss-covered rock wall and tumbling plants.

Artist’s Beach Garden

This compact whimsical beach garden started as a gravel parking area eight years ago. It is now a charming combination of flowers and vegetables grown organically on the east side of a beach home.

Maple Garden

In 2001 this fisherman/gardener started developing the very private retreat you now see. Cryptomeria frame the south entrance to his garden; giant pacific wax myrtle hedges envelope the property line. Within this nest is a “maple tree retreat,” some in containers, some in the ground. There are also many bonsai.

Westport Community Garden

The Community Garden, started in 2011, continues to grow and provide an urban green space in the center of town. Some bins are rented; some are used to grow excess food for the senior center. The large open plot in the center is a display of the old Native American growing technique called Three Sisters. Gardeners meet several times a year for general cleanup and to share growing tips.

The Pot Shed

The informal gardens cover several acres. Hyper tufa pots and leaves are for sale as well as succulents. Sales area open to the public.

Westport Brewing Company

What else, but a beer garden! A cozy cheerful ambiance demonstrates good usage of plant material in a commercial setting. Both cranberries and hops figure prominently in the products produced here. Test the beer.

Westport Winery

The Roberts family has built a destination winery with beautiful gardens, bakery/cafe/fine dining and a tasting room with wine for discriminating palates. Stroll through the sculpture gardens to view the artwork representing each wine.

If you are driving southwest from Aberdeen, stop by the winery first to pick up a ticket, and tour the gardens and grounds before heading to That Summer Gallery in Westport for a map to the rest of the gardens.

Tickets are $5 each and may be purchased at the Coastal Garden Center and Westport Winery and at That Summer Gallery in Westport on Ocean Avenue.


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