Man charged in decade-old child rapes

A former Grays Harbor man has been charged with raping two boys around 6 years old nearly 10 years ago.

Jesse R. Drennon, now 23, pleaded not guilty Monday in Grays Harbor Superior Court to five counts of first-degree child rape.

One of the boys told his parents in November of last year Drennon had repeatedly raped him starting when he was about 5 or 6. Drennon would have been 13 or 14 at that time.

Drennon was a foster child in a home where the boy was often babysat. The boy said whenever he was there, “the defendant would always want him to go downstairs and play,” according to court documents.

There, the boy reported, Drennon allegedly molested then raped him over an estimated three-year period.

He didn’t report it until years later because he “was scared he might get into trouble and was scared of what the defendant might do to him if he did not do what he asked,” court documents state.

Three of the rape charges stem from alleged attacks on that boy. He also told police he was forced to watch Drennon rape another boy about the same age.

The second boy “initially stated that he forgot about or put the incidents behind him,” court documents state.

But with reassurance from interviewers, the boy agreed to talk. He recalled being forced to watch as Drennon raped the other boy, his description of the attacks consistent with the first boy’s account. Two charges stem from Drennon’s alleged attacks on the second boy in the same house.

When interviewed, Drennon allegedly told police though there may have been inappropriate touching between him and the boys, he never had sex with them.

Drennon is held in Grays Harbor County Jail with $100,000 bail.


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