Oakville chase case dismissed, for now

Charges against an Oakville man accused of chasing another man with a gun have been dismissed until prosecutors can interview the victim, who has declined to talk to anyone until his own criminal proceedings are complete.

William F. Henry, 61, had been charged with second-degree assault after he allegedly chased William C. Palmer, 43, around town with a pistol.

Palmer is charged with first-degree domestic violence rape and is held in Grays Harbor County Jail on $75,000 bail.

Interim Prosecutor Gerald Fuller said Palmer has declined to speak with either side in Henry’s case until his own case has been resolved. Once charges have been filed, prosecutors have a finite period of time to conclude the case, and dismissing and re-filing the charges will allow that clock to reset.

“I fully intend to refile this if the court grants the relief I request,” Fuller said.

Judge David Edwards granted the motion and the charges against Henry were dismissed.


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