Prison sentences in attempted robbery case

The people charged in an attempted robbery in which a BB pistol was displayed have been sentenced to prison terms.

Walter R. Cottrell, 55, of Hoquiam was sentenced to three years, nine months and three weeks in prison Friday in Grays Harbor Superior Court for first-degree attempted robbery. It’s the top of his standard sentencing range, which starts at two years, eight months, two weeks in prison.

Sentences for attempted crimes carry three-quarters of the standard sentences for a given crime.

Dolly M. Evenson, 38, also of Hoquiam, was sentenced Jan. 6 to one year, three weeks in prison for second-degree attempted robbery, reduced from first-degree. The sentence is also the top of her standard range, starting at nine months, three weeks.

On Nov. 19, 2013, Cottrell and Evenson went to a home in the 2500 block of Pacific Avenue, claiming Cottrell was owed money through a third party. An argument and struggle ensued and Cottrell continued to demand money while displaying a gun, according to court documents. Evenson sprayed pepper spray at the residents.

The sentences for both Cottrell and Evenson are beyond the agreed recommendation of the defense and the prosecutor. The recommended sentence for Cottrell was three years, four months, and for Evenson, a year and a day, but Judges Mark McCauley and Gordon Godfrey opted for the top of the standard range for both.


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